XL97: "Cannot Empty the Clipboard" Error Message When Dragging Cells

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When you drag data from one cell to another, you receive the following error message:
Cannot Empty the Clipboard.


This problem occurs if you are running GetRight Monitor version 3.2, and it is configured to monitor the Windows clipboard.


To disable the monitoring of the Windows clipboard within the GetRight Monitor program, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the GetRight icon (the letter G) on the taskbar and click Configuration.
  2. In the Configure GetRight dialog box, click Monitor and click to clear the Monitor Clipboard check box. Click OK.

More Information

You can drag cells on the worksheet to move data from one cell to another. However, this feature does not work if you are running GetRight Monitor and have the Monitor Clipboard option selected. This option makes the GetRight program a clipboard viewer. Because Excel uses the clipboard when you drag cells, GetRight temporarily intercepts this event and Excel is unable to process the requested action.

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