Effects of Checking "Use Network Name for Computer Name" in MSCS


Applications not specifically designed to run on Microsoft Cluster Server can become confused with regard to host names when set up as generic applications or services. This confusion can occur when the applications make calls by using the GetHostName() or GetComputerName() APIs. Typically, the application will fail with regard to the node name as opposed to the cluster name.

More Information

Set the dependencies for the application to include only a dependency on the network name to which the application needs access. Under the parameters page, make sure that the "Use Network Name for Computer Name" check box is selected. Selecting this check box has the effect of setting the environment variable _CLUSTER_NETWORK_NAME_ for the context of the application. Calls to GetHostName() and GetComputerName() return the value of the variable as opposed to the host name of computer name of the node.

NOTE: This variable is ALWAYS a user variable. Do not attempt to set it manually to be a system variable. Doing so can cause failures and, in extreme cases, the inability to log on.

"Use Network Name for Computer Name" will be unavailable if multiple dependencies exist. Set the dependency, click to select the check box, and add other dependencies as needed.

For additional information, see the following article or articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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