Cannot activate OEM edition more than once in Office XP


When you attempt to activate your Office XP license, you may receive the following message
According to our records, this copy of Microsoft Office XP edition has already been activated on another computer. If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact a Customer Support Representative by clicking OK and following the instructions.
where edition is the specific edition of Office XP that is installed (for example, Small Business).

When you click OK, you see the Office Activation Wizard dialog box, with the options to activate Office via the Internet or telephone.


This message appears if you installed an Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) copy of Office XP, and you already installed and activated the same OEM copy on another computer. OEM copies of Office XP can only be activated on a single computer. Any attempt to activate your Office license on a second computer results in the message in the "Symptoms" section of this article.


If you think that you received this message mistakenly, follow these steps:
  1. Click OK when the message appears.
  2. In the Office Activation Wizard dialog box, select Activate by using the telephone, and then click Next.
  3. Click Next in the Microsoft Office Privacy Policy dialog box.
  4. In the Activate your product by using the telephone dialog box, select your country or region in the list for step 1.
  5. Dial the phone number that is displayed next to step 2. A customer support representative will assist you with activating your copy of Office XP.
If you already installed and activated your OEM copy of Office XP on another computer, you cannot activate it on a second computer.

More Information

The End User License Agreement (Oemeula.txt) for OEM versions of Office XP contains the following text:
General License Grant to Install and Use. Except as otherwise expressly provided in this EULA, You may only install and use one copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on the COMPUTER. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT may not be installed, accessed, displayed, run, shared or used concurrently on or from different computers, including a workstation, terminal or other digital or analog electronic device ("Device"), except as set forth below for SharePoint Team Services.
For more information about product activation, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


The Oemeula.txt file is contained in the file on the root of an Office XP CD-ROM. You can extract Oemeula.txt from the cabinet file in order to open it in a text editor.

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