PPT2001: Deleted Bullets Reappear When You Reopen the Presentation


If you delete any first-level bullets (from the Body Text placeholder) from any of the slide layouts that use a bulleted list, the bullets that you delete may reappear when you reopen the presentation. This includes the applicable line numbers for a numbered list.


This behavior occurs if you apply the Numbered List format to the text, and then remove the Numbered List formatting before you save the presentation, or if you decide to manually number each line in the bulleted list and not use the auto-numbering feature.


To work around this issue, follow these steps:

  1. On the Format menu, click Slide Layout.

    Typically, the default slide layout for the current slide is already selected.
  2. Click Reapply.
  3. Add or remove bullets from the slide, as you want.
NOTE: To prevent this issue from recurring, do not apply the Numbered List format to this text placeholder.


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Microsoft PowerPoint 2001 para Macintosh