"Unread" And "Unfinished" Statuses Do Not Appear in Bulk Mail and Drafts Folders When Using Inspect With MSN Explorer 6.1


You start Inspect (an accessibility program), start MSN Explorer, and then sign in to MSN Explorer. If the list of e-mail folders is set to appears, you click the Hide Folders button. You press TAB repeatedly until the Bulk Mail link at the bottom of the screen is selected. The name of this link is exposed to Inspect as "Go to the Bulk Mail folder" instead of "Bulk Mail #unread: select to go to the Bulk Mail folder". You press the TAB key again to select the Drafts link. The name exposed to Inspect is "Go to the Drafts folder" instead of "Drafts #unfinished: Select to go to the drafts folder."


This is a known issue.


To see the number of unread messages in the Bulk Mail folder, or the number of unfinished messages in the Drafts folder, visit the relevant links by pressing the Enter. This will allow you to view the contents of each folder.

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