You are prompted to create a new account every time that you start SharePoint Workspace 2010 or Groove 2007


Every time that you start Microsoft Office SharePoint Workspace 2010 or Microsoft Office Groove 2007, you are prompted to create an account. If you have a corporate account, and you import the account again, none of your workspaces are available.


Microsoft Office SharePoint Workspace 2010, Microsoft Office Groove 2007, and related products are not supported with the following profile types:
  • Roaming profiles
  • Mandatory profiles
  • Temporary profiles
These products are also not supported in any other configuration that does not allow for the user account to write to the Groove application directories.


For a SharePoint Workspace or Groove product to work as designed, the following requirements must be met:
  • The SharePoint Workspace application or the Groove application must be installed to the local computer.
  • The user must be able to write to the user profile (This user profile contains data for the account and for the workspaces).
  • Data that is written to the user profile must be saved and available every time that the application starts.
When you create an account in SharePoint Workspace or in Groove, the account data is saved to your user profile. Groove workspace data is also saved to folders in the user profile. If this data is not available the next time that you start the application, you are prompted to create a new account.

For example, SharePoint Workspace on Windows 7 stores information in the following folders: 


At startup, the application must be able to read data from these locations. At account creation and throughout the operation, the application must be able to write to these locations. At the next startup, that data must be available. 

Large amounts of data are typically read from and written to workspaces. Because of the potential network load, roaming profiles are not supported.


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