Some tools are missing when you receive a Groove workspace


Consider the following scenario:
  • You use Groove Virtual Office 3.1 on three computers.
  • You stop using one of these computers, and you upgrade the other two computers to Microsoft Office Groove 2007.
  • A contact invites you to a 2007 workspace and receives a message that you must upgrade to accept the invitation. 
  • Because the contact knows that you upgraded, they send the invitation anyway.

In this scenario, you receive the workspace. However, the workspace is missing some tools.

Note This issue may occur with versions other than Groove Virtual Office 3.1 and Office Groove 2007. However, it has not been observed in Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.


Because you did not delete your Groove account from the computer that you stopped using, that computer is still associated with your account. Because your account advertises the most restricted version, you appear still to be using Groove 3.1. Although you can accept a 2007 workspace, you may not receive the workspace tools that require Groove 2007.

To determine whether this is your situation, right-click your account name in the members list of the workspace, and then click Properties. In the lower left corner, check the product and version that you are listed as using.


To resolve this issue, delete the local copy of the workspace, remove the computer that was not upgraded, and then rejoin the workspace.

To delete a workspace, right-click the workspace in the Launchbar, click Delete, and then click From This Computer or From All My Computers.

To remove a computer from your account in Groove 2007, follow these steps:
  1. In the Launchbar, click Preferences on the Options menu, and then click the Account tab.
  2. Review the list of computers. The computer on which you are viewing this list will be shown in bold.
  3. Click to select the computer that you no longer use, and then click Delete Computer.
To rejoin the workspace, have someone reinvite you to the workspace. 

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