Visio 2007: Database Properties are missing and other template's functionality is missing


Database Properties are missing in any Visio drawings including new ones. If you check in Tools/Options/Advanced tab the setting 'Enable automation events' is checked.

Also, you don't see the Database menu on the menu bar. If you double-click on an Entity shape you don't see the Database Properties pane and right-clicking an Entity shape doesn't have a Database Properties option.

Visio 2007

The setting 'The setting in Tools/Trust Center/Add-ins ‘Disable all Application Add-ins (may impair functionality)’ was checked.

Other templates that are affected by that setting:
-AutoCAD conversion to Visio shapes
-Organization Chart (including Wizard)
-Gantt Charts
-Maps and Floor Plans


1. In Visio open Tools/Trust Center/Add-ins and uncheck ‘Disable all Application Add-ins (may impair functionality)’.
2. Exit Visio and Start Visio, then open the drawing you were working on.


1. Start Visio
2. Click on Tools, Trust Center, click Add-ins, and check 'The setting in Tools/Trust Center/Add-ins ‘Disable all Application Add-ins (may impair functionality)' and click OK.
3. Exit Visio and start Visio again.
4. File/New/Software and Database/Database Model Diagram.

Notice that you don't have a Database menu on the menu bar and if drop an Entity shape on the page you don't get a Database Properties pane on the bottom.

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