Support for Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft devices

Display Devices

Hardware and Software
What are the system requirements?
Where can the latest versions of the driver and firmware be downloaded?
Why is there a visible diagonal line on the 82” device, crossing diagonally from top to bottom?
Can the 55” and 82” devices be wall mounted?
Do the 55” and 82 devices use VESA mounts?
Can the logo be removed from the face of a 55” device?
Can a PPI touch device be used in a dual display configuration?
What are the power requirements for the 55” and 82” devices?
Can a KVM be used with the PPI devices?
What should I do when touch is not functioning on my PPI device?
False/random touches
False touches in random areas on 55" device; top left or bottom right
I have dark, light or constant colored dot(s) on my Display
A certain region or a horizontal line doesn't respond to touch
No image on the display, but the source LED is green
Area of the display seem brighter/darker
82" display looks cloudy or has an area which has a ghost image
Display has a red, green or blue hue
Poor image color when display is viewed through a camera (Broadcast Television)
Display Maintenance 
What should be used to clean the front of the display?
What are the optimal operating conditions for the 82” PPI device?


Explanation of LED lights for the stylus and charging station
What frequency and power does the stylus operate?
The stylus will not pair with the display
Stylus reset/factory-default state
Stylus keeps inking when hovering over a display

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