When is the eligibility review done


This article provides information on when an eligibility assessment is done.

More Information

Eligibility review is done annually to confirm eligibility status as per the Incentive Guide. In addition to the annual review, a monthly and a quarterly review may also be done.

Eligible: Partners who meet all incentive eligibility requirements.
Not eligible: Partners who missed on any requirements.
On the other hand, partner who no longer met eligibility criteria during the eligibility review will become Not Eligible to earn incentives, and will be paid as followed:

Incentive TypeTreatment
Rebate/Fee· All rebate/fee earnings prior to eligibility suspension will be paid according to the payment schedule.

· Rebate/fee incentive earnings will no longer be calculated after a partner becomes Not Eligible.
Coop· Coop earnings will no longer be calculated after a partner loses eligibility.


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