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Word for iPhone touch guide

If you are new to touch devices, learning a few gestures will help you take maximum advantage of the touch capabilities.

Moving around in a file


Do This...



Touch the screen and slide your finger up and down, left and right.

Scroll up or down

Zoom in

Spread two fingers apart.

Zoom in

Zoom out

Pinch two fingers together.

Zoom out

Making a selection


Do This...


Place the cursor

Tap the location.

Place cursor within text

Activate the onscreen keyboard

Tap anywhere in some text.

Open keyboard

Select and edit text

Double-tap a word to select.

Select single word

Select a paragraph

Triple-tap within the paragraph.

Select paragraph

Select several words, sentences, paragraphs

Double-tap the first word and drag the selection handle right, or right and downward, to the last word you want to select.

Select more text

Select the contents of a table

Tap anywhere in the table.

Select table

Working with shapes and objects


Do This...



Tap the object, hold and drag to the desired location.

Move object


Tap the object, then drag any of the resize handles.

Resize object


Tap the object, then hold and drag the rotation handle.

Rotate object

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