Teachers can plan, schedule, and hold online parent-teacher or staff conferences using Microsoft Teams. Using quizzes though Microsoft Forms a teacher can conduct a 1:1 meeting with parent(s) and guardians. While staff meetings can make use of Microsoft bookings to help manage larger conferences that may include much larger groups.  

Important: Office 365 must be deployed by your school.

Schedule parent-teacher conferences with Microsoft Forms and Teams 

Teachers can use a combination of Microsoft Forms and Teams to schedule conferences.  


  • Teachers can hold online meetings with parent(s) or guardians who do not have Office 365 accounts!

  • Microsoft offers the Translator app to help connect teachers with parents/guardians.

  1. The teacher will begin by creating a Microsoft Forms survey for parent(s) or guardian to indicate their availability for conference times.

  2. The teacher will then send the survey to the parent(s) or guardian with a link to respond to the survey.

  3. The parent(s) or guardian will receive a link via email to respond to the survey with a conference times that work for them

  4. The teacher will then create a meeting in Microsoft Teams: 

    • Teacher’s use their own Teams calendar to create an online meeting invitation to a parent’s email address.

    • Parents can share the meeting invitation with co-parents and other guardians involved in the student’s education.

  5. When it is time for the meeting, the teacher and the parent(s) or guardian will join the meeting using Microsoft Teams.


Schedule a staff meeting using Microsoft Bookings and Teams

Teachers and staff can use a combination of Microsoft Bookings and Teams to schedule conferences for staff meetings.  


  • All staff especially teachers need to have access to Microsoft Office 365.

  • Microsoft Teams provides video conferences for up to 250 people simultaneously and allows secure document sharing.

  1. The school leader will book a calendar date for your conference. 

  2. Create a staff meeting conference service.

  3. Create the staff list.

  4. Publish the booking page.

  5. The staff will use the booking page to sign up for a conference meeting time slot. 

  6. Create a meeting in Microsoft Team

  7. When it is time for the meeting, the staff will join the meeting using Microsoft Teams.

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