Field "Worker" must be filled in” error occurs for non-Admin users when saving a new Bank Account for an employee


The issueshowed up while working on Human Resourcesmodule of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Once a new worker record(same scenario whether if it’s an employee or a contractor) is created, or anexisting record is being modified, you can enter information about the worker’sbank account(s) by clicking on Bankaccounts in the Personal informationsection.  Once you clickon that menu item, the system provides the Workerbank accounts form, by which you can enter a new record. 

The Account identification field is the onlyone being mandatory to be filled, and that’s exactly where the issue shows up:if the user is not a System administrator, doesn’t matter how the field isbeing filled, the system always shows the error “Field ‘Worker’ must be filled in”, making it impossible to completethe operation.


The fix initlizes the worker field on initMethod() of HcmWorkerBankAccount datasource so it won't be empty anymore.

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