Video view for desktop (Cortana markets)

Five things to try in Windows 10
What’s new in this release
How to get help in Windows 10
Start menu overview
Start menu tips
Meet Microsoft Edge
Meet Windows Hello
Meet Movies & TV
Meet Maps
Windows Store
Xbox app on Windows 10
Photos app on Windows 10
Sign in to Office 365
Multitasking in Windows 10
Restore your files with File HistoryAsset not foundUsing OneDrive
Cortana tips – Calendar
Cortana tips – Setting reminders
Cortana tips – Fun facts
Cortana tips – Traffic
Cortana tips – Flight tracking
Cortana tips – Contact a business
Cortana tips – Weights and measures
Cortana tips – Help with math
Cortana tips – Play music
Cortana tips – Sports scores
Cortana tips – Text from your PC
Cortana tips – Time reminders
Cortana tips – Translation
Cortana tips – Location reminders
Cortana tips – Set quiet hours
Cortana tips – Quiet hours breakthrough

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