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  • Create a pivot chart based on a pivot table in another workbook

    I would like to create a pivot chart based on a Pivot table in another workbook. In the dialog box

  • New Chart Using Older Pivot Table Information

    In one workbook, I have multiple pivot tables driving various charts. I just copied a pivot table (so I could change the field information & create a new chart) & when I created the chart, it pulled

  • Pivot Table / Pivot Chart Sorting

    I have a pivot table that displays names in descending order. The corresponding pivot chart displays the names in ascending order. Whenever I change one, the other sorts in revrese order. How do I get

  • X Axis disappears from pivot table chart

    I have a pivot table chart with a primary and secondary axis. When I change a variable in the pivot report filter, the X axis disappears from the chart. The only way to restore it is by creating a new

  • Pivot Table to Stacked Chart to Pareto Chart

    I am attempting to create a pareto from pivot table data. I want the chart to be in a stacked form, also. So the natural progression would be pivot table data to stacked chart to pareto. I've been