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  • Most Efficient Way to Link Word to External Data (in a Database, Excel, XML)

    Hi. I've got a (too) large Word (2003) document with a lot of external links to Excel (2003) in it. I'm looking for the most efficient way to link a Word document to external data in general and

  • How do i create a clickable html link in footer?

    Hi All, can anyone tell me how I create a clickable link in the footer of a word doc so that when I convert it to pdf it can be clicked on. I've been entering the link as you would in the document but

  • Link Excel Chart into textbox in Word

    I would like to link an Excel chart into a textbox in Word, but Paste Special, Keep Source Formatting & Link Data does not retain the original chart proportions in the textbox, nor can I adjust the

  • Link to previous in headers problem

    My headers revert to ‘link to previous’ when adding pages and I don't know why. To have different headers, we insert section breaks. When we insert new pages or add information which creates a new

  • Problems with Automatic link updates in Word

    I have a Word 2007 document updated with a lot of VBA code that has 10 linked Excel charts in it. Automatic link updates is set ON when Word opens, but the links stopped working. So I decided to