Text may disappear when using wrap points in Word 2013


Consider the following scenario. You insert an image with a white background into a Word document that has text wrapping set to Tight, then right click the image and select Wrap Text > Edit Wrap Points. You modify the wrapping outline to conform to the main foreground subject of the image, but the text is hidden behind the image when viewed in Word 2013. However, when the document is opened in a previous version of Word, the text is visible.


Word 2013 leaves the white background as opaque, rather than changing it to be transparent. As the image cannot be placed behind the text when wrapping is set to Tight, the image covers the text.


Method 1:

Select the image, then click on the Picture Tools Format tab. Select the Color drop down menu, then select Set Transparent Color. Click on the white background of the image.

Method 2:

Use the Remove Background tool on the Picture Tools Format tab to remove the background of the image.

More Information

This issue only affects new documents created in Word 2013, or documents that have been converted to Word 2013 full compatibility mode. Documents created in a previous version of Word and left in compatibility mode do not experience this issue.

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