How to skip automatic resetindex after FIXML defragmentation?


With the fix of ‘Indexer - Non active documents appeared after re-index (851478)’ included in FAST ESP 5.3 SP4 search engine patch 03 the index was set to be automatically reset after FIXML defragmentation. This article explains how to skip the automatic index reset after FIXML defragmentation and potential consequences of skipping index reset.

FIXML needs maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Most of these maintenance tasks are run automatically on regular basis while other tasks are triggered manually on need only basis. FIXML compaction is run regularly and involves truncating individual FIXML files by removing documents that no longer are valid (e.g. deleted documents). FIXML defragmentation must be triggered manually and includes moving valid documents into new FIXML files. By default, index reset is done after FIXML defragmentation.

The purpose of doing index reset is to re-index all content from raw data (FIXML). This will result in an ideal distribution of documents equal to the distribution percentages specified in the rtsearchrc.xml configuration (%FASTSEARCH%\etc\config_data\RTSearch\[clustername]\rtsearchrc.xml). However, the process may take a few minutes to several days to complete. The type, size, and number of documents along with the system performance are factors that affect completion time.

To change the default behavior of triggering automatic index reset after FIXML defragmentation add the following flag to the indexeradmin command:

indexeradmin defragfixml [noresetindex]

[noresetindex] is an optional flag that indicates that the index should not be automatically reset after FIXML defragmentation.

Note that documents deleted from the index before FIXML defragmentation will eventually re-appear in the search results if no reset of the index is done after FIXML defragmentation. Consequently, if the [noresetindex] flag is set you will need to perform regular index resets and maintenance to bring the system back into a consistent state.

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