WinTPC cannot be activated with KMS if Write Filters are used


Windows Thin PC (WinTPC) can be activated by using a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) and Key Management Services (KMS) activation. By default, WinTPCs are configured to use Key Management Services (KMS) activation out of the box.

Windows Thin PC (WinTPC) can be activated with Key Management Services (KMS) activation only if Write Filters are not used.

By design, a KMS client will need to request reactivation from the KMS host every 180 days. Use of Write Filters would revert the system to a pre-activation state at each reboot.

  • When using File Based Write Filters (FBWF) on system drive, Microsoft recommends to use MAK Activation instead of KMS.
  • WinTPC should be activated prior to enabling the Write Filters using the MAK Licenses.

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