Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 4 (RU4) is available


This article lists issues that are fixed in the English version of Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 4 (RU4). For more information about the fixes that are included and installation information that is not included in this article, refer to the Installation Guide that is included with this rollup.
For more information about the Installation Guide, visit the following Microsoft website:

Installation Notes and System Requirements


A supported rollup for Microsoft Management Reporter is now available. If you have questions about how to install this rollup, contact Technical Support for Microsoft Dynamics. You can log on to the Microsoft Dynamics Support website and then enter a new support request. To do this, visit the following Microsoft website:

New support request

Note When you create a new support request, select Financial – Management Reporter 2012 as the Support Topic.

You can also contact Technical Support for Microsoft Dynamics by telephone at (888) 477-7877.


Before you install Management Reporter, your system must meet the minimum requirements as listed in the System requirements for Management Reporter.

The following is a list of some fixes and some updates that are included in the English version of Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 RU4.

352092Install of Management Reporter crashes when validating domain account if no access to default Users container in Active Directory.
352563Building a Reporting Tree from Edit > Insert Reporting Units from Dimensions does not guarantee uniqueness in the unit name.
373076DDM returns duplicate data when report set to Financial Detail and "report duplicate accounts" option is selected.
376842User is prompted to log on for every company in a tree when generating a report that uses the Dynamics GP RU2 provider or the Dynamics SL RU2 provider.
387670DDM Actuals vs. Budget report incorrectly processes transaction records for unposted provisional levels.
388071Improved logging in Configuration Console.
397535CBR calculations do not work correctly at the Account Detail level.
397559Using multiple dimensions in one tree unit causes incorrect data.
397809Logger does not remove log during application failure.
397831Migration Wizard will not pull segments in the mapping process when .NET 4.5 is installed.
415065During DDM configuration MR is incorrectly validating the version of SQL.
418855The Integrated check box within the Configuration Console is not always correctly checked even when the company is a DDM integrated company.
418883Dynamics AX 2012 DDM: Fact query performance issue.
418926Dynamics GP 2012 DDM: Fact query performance issue.
425679Incorrect financial level balances with GP DDM.
425938Transaction Description should be named Distribution Reference in Data Mart.
427660Dynamics GP DDM - Multiple mappings fail when AA is enabled for a company.
428270Dynamics GP DataMart DDM will pull unposted transactions in a YTD column if provisional is posted activity only and an Attribute Category is in the column layout.
432376Dynamics GP DDM - Posted Budget Transactions incorrect in DDM and caused incorrect budget balances.


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