How to fix Windows 7 unable to backup and restore (a series)

Causes and effects of the problem

Recent want to backup computers with Windows 7 features, but why the backup failed error message appears? I also have enough disk space.

Causes problems

Usually the problem is not going to happen, unless you install the language pack, will cause regardless of whether you have enough disk space, backup failed error message will appear.

Solutions to the problem of

Recommends that you remove a language pack that does not require or use, as long as the reservation of several common language pack. First, click the Start button, and then click " Control Panel ".

Then click " change display language ".

Then click the " install/uninstall languages ".

Then click the " Uninstall display languages ".

Please tick the language pack that you do not need to, and then click " Next ". And follow the prompts to complete the removal, try to back up the computer again.

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