Excel Workbook using functions from COM Add-ins


When you open an Excel workbook by providing the path to the workbook as command line argument to Excel.exe, formulas using methods defined in COM Add-ins show up as errors (#NAME?) and are not usable. This issue does not happen if Excel is already running.

More Information

Excel currently activates the COM Add-ins after processing the command line. As such, at the time when the workbook opens, the COM Add-ins are not loaded so the user-defined functions are not registered.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.


In order to work around this issue the following options are available:

1. Refresh the formulas using Formulas - Calculate Now (F9)

2. Ensure a Macro-enabled Workbook that contains a module with an Auto_Open method loads before the COM Add-ins do. To do this, you can either store such a Workbook in the XLSTART folder or store an Excel VBA Add-in (.XLA or .XLAM file) in the Add-ins folder.

3. Load the Analysis Toolpak - VBA add-in

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