Information about the Yammer Desktop Application


This article contains information about the Yammer Desktop Application and its functionality.


Note The Yammer Desktop Application will be decommissioned on or around April 15, 2014 and the ability to access Yammer by using the existing application will be removed. A new Windows Desktop Notifier App was released that provides a more streamlined experience for the desktop. To download the Desktop Notifier App, go to the following website:
The Yammer Desktop Application is a simple and sleek version of Yammer that runs on your computer desktop. By using the Desktop Application, you can connect to your company network without going to in a browser. Through the Yammer Desktop Application, you can use most of Yammer's functionality, such as private messages, posting to groups, and switching between Yammer networks.

The following table describes the features in the Yammer Desktop Application:

Multi-network accessToggle between internal and external networks to stay connected to other organizations with which you work.
Multi-feed accessQuickly move between your My Feed, group feeds, profile feeds, sent messages, liked messages, and bookmarks to find relevant conversations. Toggle between Top Conversations, Followed Conversations, and All Conversations from the feed picker at the top of your My Feed.
Threaded conversationsEasily follow multiple conversations in a feed with the two most recent replies displayed directly underneath the original message. Expand the thread to view the full conversation in-line.
Message actionsBookmark, like, and reply to messages to be involved in the conversation.
NotificationsKeep track of new messages, @mentions, and replies in a separate Notifications tab.
Unread message countTrack unread messages highlighted in the feed view or from the Yammer icon on your desktop when the application is out of view. Click into growl notifications with previews of new messages to bring the application to the foreground.
Private messagingSend private messages directly to one or more colleagues, and add new participants to the conversation as it grows.
TopicsTag messages by using topics to curate conversations and organize content for quick access later.
Real-Time SearchLook up colleagues, groups, or topics to find up-to-date conversations relevant to you.
Comprehensive PublisherPost many kinds of content. These include links, polls, events, questions, ideas, and praise.
In-line VideoPlay videos directly in your feed without having to leave the application.
Groups directoryAccess groups that you joined, discover suggested groups, or click back to the website to browse all groups or to create new groups from the Groups tab. Select a group from the directory to access its feed, and then click back to the website for group information, members, and files.
Browser-style navigation buttonsQuickly move between pages in a way that resembles how you would move forward and back in a browser window.
Flexible FitAdjust the size of your application to fit in smaller spaces with the lowered minimum width of 380 pixels.
Invite buttonInvite your colleagues to join Yammer from the invite button at the bottom of the application.
Reload buttonRefresh your page in a way that resembles how you would refresh a webpage. Do this by using the reload button at the bottom of the application. Upgrade to new versions of the application instantly when you see a notification on the reload button.
To download the Yammer Desktop application, go to the following Yammer website:

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