Unable to run Wordament if it was preinstalled on a Windows 8 PC


Consider the following scenario:
  • You have an OEM PC that came with Windows 8 preinstalled on it.
  • The OEM also preinstalled Wordament, a game available on the Windows Store.
  • You attempt to run Wordament and if you are not already signed in with a Microsoft account, you are prompted to sign in with a valid Microsoft account.
  • The Microsoft account is already associated with 5 other Windows 8 PCs that have previously downloaded content from the Windows Store.

In this scenario, you may get a message confirming that you want to install Wordament and you may be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft account again. You may then see the following message appear:

Your purchase couldn't be completed, please try again later.

If you close the message, you are then taken back to the install screen. Clicking OK will take you back to the error message and you end up in an endless loop. Wordament can be terminated either by performing a swipe gesture from the top of the or by using the mouse and dragging from the top of the screen. If you try to launch Wordament again, it will indefinitely display "Connecting to Wordament.net" and the game will never start.

Note: This issue does not occur if Wordmanet was not preinstalled on the OEM PC and instead was obtained for the first time from the Windows Store. In this case, Windows will properly display an error that the Microsoft account has already been used on 5 other Windows 8 PCs.


This is a known issue when Wordament has been preinstalled on an OEM PC.


To resolve this issue, remove one of the associated PCs from your Microsoft account so that there are only 4 or less PCs associated with your account. To remove a PC from your account, follow the steps outlined in the link below:

Use your Windows Store account to install apps on up to five PCs

Alternately, if you want to see the expected message that would occur when you attempt to download an app from the Windows Store using a Microsoft account already associated with 5 PCs, you can uninstall Wordament from your PC and then re-download it from the Windows Store.


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