Unable to add URLs using Set-SPSiteUrl in SharePoint 2013 RTM


When we try to add additional URLs using the Set-SPSiteUrl command as shown below, we get the following error:

Could not set URL http:/// for zone Default because a URL is already set for the zone. To set a URL for this zone, first remove the existing URL http://.


This is expected behavior at the time of creation of this article. In the RTM version of SharePoint server 2013, this change was made to make sure that only one URL per zone is allowed.


Use different zones for each of the URL. For example:

Set-SPSiteUrl -Identity http://-Url http:// -Zone Internet 

The above setting will work assuming we do not have a URL already set for the Internet zone.

More Information

See Set-SPSiteUrl to add or change an URL mapping for a site

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