FAST FSIA/ESP/InStream on VMware: Supplementary Product Information


FAST provides "best-effort" support for FSIA/ESP/InStream products when running within a VMware environment.

This includes normal troubleshooting procedures as if the product were installed and running on a supported operating system on a real computer. FAST is not aware of any specific issues with FSIA/ESP/InStream products and VMware at this time.

While FSIA/ESP/InStream products are expected to function properly in virtual environments, there will be performance implications, which can invalidate FSIA/ESP/InStream typical sizing and recommended setting guidelines. Analysis must be performed within the context of the specific application to be hosted in a virtual environment to minimize potential resource contention, which can have significant impact on performance and scalability, particularly under peak load. FAST has performed limited benchmarking which indicates that you may experience a performance degradation of 30-40% when running a single VM on a physical server. This is in line with other industry benchmarks for comparable applications.

As a general guideline FAST only recommends using VMware for small FSIA/ESP/InStream installations with performance requirements substantially lower than a single server node when running the same operating system on the same hardware without using virtualization.

In order to facilitate quick resolution to any potential product issue encountered under VMware, FAST has established some basic guidelines for supporting FSIA/ESP/InStream products in a VMware environment:

• All versions and configurations of applications and operating systems (kernels included) running under VMware must be according to recommendations provided in FSIA/ESP/InStream Installation Guide and Release Notes

• The client is responsible for properly configuring their virtual machine and applications for VMware

• While FAST does not insist that clients recreate each issue outside of the VMware virtual environment before contacting FAST Technical Support, we reserve the right to request the client diagnose and troubleshoot specific issues outside the environment. This will only be done where we have reason to believe the issue is directly related to VMware

• If FAST Technical Support identifies a problem as being specific to a virtual environment, and the problem cannot be reproduced outside of that environment, you should contact the manufacturer of the virtual environment software for further assistance

• In the event that FAST Technical Support cannot directly identify the root cause as a ESP/InStream product or VMware issue, support would ask the client to open a support issue with VMware and any other necessary 3rd party vendors to expedite the resolution of the issue. At that point, FAST, VMware, and the client can work together toward a quick resolution


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