Authentication types that are supported by the SharePoint Newsfeed app


This article describes the authentication types that are supported by the Microsoft SharePoint Newsfeed app. 

Windows Phone
EnvironmentSupported authentication types
On-Premises                                Basic, FBA (forms-based authentication), SAML 
Office 365 - OrgID (cloud)FBA
Hybrid (ADFS + OrgID federation)FBA, SAML

Note NTLM is not supported with On-Premises. Office 365 and hybrid environments are not supported with SPO Active Auth.

EnvironmentSupported authentication types
On-PremisesNTLM, Basic, FBA, SAML 
Office 365 - OrgID (cloud)FBA, SPO Active Auth
Hybrid (ADFS + OrgID federation)FBA, SAML, SPO Active Auth


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