How to Configure Project Online Sample Reports


Before any users can use the sample reports for Project Online a user with PWA Admin permissions needs to complete the following steps.

Grant reporting access in Project Online - Excel Online uses the BI Azure Service to refresh the Project Online OData connections. For this to work, you must first grant the BI Azure Service permission to access your Project Web App (PWA) instance. A link to the steps is here:

Additional Resources - This Project Blog posting has screen shots to go along with the Grant reporting access article,  
This process must be completed on each PWA instance in your tenant.

You may recieve the following error, if permissions are NOT granted when you attempt to refresh the external data:
External Data Refresh Failed An error occurred while working on the Data Model in the workbook. Please try again.
We were unable to refresh one or more data connections in this workbook.
The following connections failed to refresh:
OData Assignments Data
OData Issues Data 
Data Projects Data
OData Risks Data
Data Tasks Data


Refresh ODATA - The Project Online sample reports were created using Excel 2013, you can open then in Excel Online and refresh the OData feeds in the report. This retrieves the most recent data in Project Online. 

However, before end users can view the data in Excel Online the PWA Admin needs to open each of the sample reports in Excel 2013 and save them back to the server after refreshing the data. Otherwise the reports open but they are empty, no data displays.

Below is a link to an article with more infomation as well as the steps to refresh the sample reports.

Steps to Refresh Data for the Project Online sample reports -

1.      Log into your online tenant

2.      Go to Projects and click Reports link in the left navigation pane on the PWA home page

3.      In the Business Intelligence Center, click the Reports link in the left navigation pane.

4.      Click the language folder for the reports you will be using.

5. Click on the first report in the list "Project Overview". It will open in Excel Online.  

6.      On the ribbon click EDIT WORKBOOK dropdown menu and click Edit in Excel.

7.      When Excel opens click on Edit Workbook button in the yellow status message at the top of the workbook.

8.      This step works for the Project and Resource Overview reports. Click the Data tab, then click on the Refresh menu and Refresh All.  You should now see data in the report.

9. For the Project Overvew Daiehbard report, click Power View tab, then click Refresh dropdown menu then click Refresh All.

10.   Click File and then click Save to save the report online.  The next time you open the report it will be refreshed in either Excel Online or in Excel 2013 client.


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