Enrollment in Cloud Solutions Provider Program within PIExp


This article enumerates the important points on how a Partner be enrolled and onboarded to PIExp.

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There are four steps in the Enrollment:

1.       Verify account details:

• On the Enrollment page click Enroll Now.

• Check the Partner Company details and the Microsoft Partner Account details and if they match your records click Yes to move on.

2.   View and accept agreements:

• Click Agreements on the Enrollment page.

• View the Incentive Guide and the Terms and Conditions.       

• Click Accept to move on.

3.    Complete payment details:

• Click Payment on the Enrollment page.

• Under Details check the payment information and if they match your records click Next to save these information and move on.

• Under Bank Account check the IBAN, SWIFT/BIC or equivalent number and associated Bank information.       

• If the IBAN, SWIFT/BIC etc is correct click Next to continue.

• Your bank account details are now confirmed. Click Next to enter Beneficiary information.

• Check the Beneficiary information, adding any required details and click Finish.    

4.     Enter tax details:

• Click Taxes on the Enrollment page.

• Under Setup select the option which applies to your company.       

• Click Next to continue.

• Under Tax Status tab enter your Tax ID Type and Tax ID.       

• Click Next to continue.

• If the Documentation tab appears, check the details and add any missing information.

• Once completed select Next to continue.       

• If the Tax Form tab appears, select to Launch the tax form, answer the relevant questions and follow the instructions.       

• Once you have completed this select Finish to move on.       

Once all of the steps are completed (validation of certain data may be required and enrolment remains pending until this is complete) your status changes to Active and you can start viewing your earnings.

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