Excel: How to Find the Percentage of Change Between Values


In Microsoft Excel, there is no built-in function to calculate the percentage of change from one value to another. However, you can use the following formula to calculate the percentage change

where original_value represents the value that the percentage of change is based on, and new_value represents the value that has changed.

You may also use the following alternate formula:

To display the resulting value as a percentage value, format the cell containing the formula with a percentage format.

More Information

To see an example, follow these steps:

  1. In a new worksheet, type the following values:

    A1: Sales for 1998 B1: Sales for 1999
    A2: $100,000 B2: $175,000
    A4: Percent Change B4: =(B2-A2)/ABS(A2)
    If you use the alternate formula, type the formula =(B2/A2)-1 in cell B4.
  2. With cell B4 selected, right click and choose the Format Cells menu.
  3. On the Number tab, click to select Percentage in the Category column, and then select a percent format.
Note: The 1999 sales increased 75 percent over the sales for 1998. This is the percent of change. 

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