Error Message When Attempting to Encrypt Files or Folders


When you attempt to encrypt a folder (and all of its subfolders and files), you may receive an error message similar to the following example:

Error Applying Attribute

An Error occurred applying attributes to the file:

Drive letter\folder

There is no valid encryption recovery policy configured for this system.
If you click Ignore, the files that generated the error message are not encrypted.


When you click Ignore after receiving the error message, the files that generated the error message during encryption are ignored so that the process can continue with any files that do not encounter the error.

More Information

After you receive the error message, you can choose from the following options:

  • Ignore - Encryption does not take place on the file or folder displayed in the error message.
  • Ignore All - Encryption does not take place on all files and folders that experience the error message.
  • Retry - The encryption process is retried.
  • Cancel - The encryption process is canceled.


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