SAMPLE: Using FTP WinInet APIs in Visual Basic with SimpleFtp


This sample file demonstrates how to use WinInet FTP APIs in a Visual Basic (VB) application.

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The sample demonstrates the following concepts:

  • How to enumerate a directory on the FTP server and return file information such as creation date and size.
  • How to upload large files to the FTP server without blocking the entire application and with reporting transfer progress. There are two ways of uploading a file:
    • By using the FtpPutFile() API. However, this API blocks until the entire file has been uploaded. Upon clicking the Put button, the sample will use this method.
    • By using FtpOpenFile and InternetWriteFile. Once the file is open it can be uploaded in chunks. This enables the application to report upload status and avoid blocking. It does this by calling DoEvents() between calling InternetWriteFile. Upon clicking the Put Large File button, the sample will use this method.
  • How to get text information for WinInet errors and how to retrieve extended error information. For simplicity, the sample does not implement downloading of the large files. This functionality is similar to method b) above; however, you should use the InternetReadFile API instead of InternetWriteFile.


  • This sample uses pre-configured access to the Internet. WinInet FTP APIs do not work if Internet access is accomplished via CERN type proxy.
  • This sample was created with Visual Basic 6.0. There may be an error if the project is opened in Visual Basic5.0.
  • WinInet documentation can be found at the following Web site:
Click "Networking, Protocols & Data Formats" in the Table of Contents, then click "Win32 Internet Functions."

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Vbsmpftp.exe contains the following files:

FileName Size

ErrorForm.frm 1,216
ErrorForm.frx 6
readme.txt 1,869
SimpleFtp.bas 5,364
SimpleFtp.exe 40,960
SimpleFtp.frm 13,491
SimpleFtp.vbp 646
SimpleFtp.vbw 118


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