You cannot assign delegates for Live Meeting in Outlook in a Office 365 dedicated/ITAR environment


Consider the following scenario. You are assigned delegate permissions for Microsoft Office Live Meeting in a Office 365 dedicated/ITAR environment. Then, you try to schedule a Live Meeting request on behalf of someone else. In this scenario, you receive the following error message:
You can't schedule on behalf of this person because delegation isn't supported on Live Meeting service. If you do schedule a Live Meeting using Live Meeting service, the invitation will be from you.


This is a known issue. The functionality in this delegation scenario is not supported by Microsoft Online Services when you use the Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Outlook.


To work around this issue, use one of the following methods.

Method 1

You can set up instances of Live Meeting on behalf of someone else by using the Live Meeting Portal or the Conferencing Center. You must use the person’s user name and password to access the Live Meeting Portal or the Conferencing Center. This lets you schedule a meeting in Live Meeting. However, when you schedule a meeting by using the Live Meeting Portal or the Conferencing Center, the meeting does not appear on your calendar. This is a known issue.

Method 2

You can create a meeting on the Live Meeting Manager website by using the end-user's credentials and then sending attendee and presenter invitations to yourself. You can then create a regular meeting in Microsoft Outlook on behalf of the other person by using that person's delegation rights and then pasting the Live Meeting information from the Live Meeting invitations.

Method 3

You can have the meeting owner create the meeting and invite only the user who has delegate permissions. The delegate must open the invitation and copy the Live Meeting information. The delegate must then create a new appointment in Outlook, paste the Live Meeting information into the new appointment, and then send the invitation to all attendees.


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