FAST Patch: Sharepointconnector.1.0.SP3



Overall Description
Service Pack 3 contains a number of fixes reported by customers plus one major improvement for query performance through the addition of Index time security trimming.
Also this release is able to automatically handle expired change tokens.

Why would you apply this fix
If your QPS rates are not as expected and you want better query performance you can apply this service pack.

Also if you want the connector to recover from expired SharePoint change tokens please apply this service pack.

Below sections describe about different ACL expansion options available with this release.

Search side ACL expansion (Default behavior)

 - If there are security changes due to SharePoint group membership changes (add/remove member(s) from a group), indexed content need not be updated to reflect these changes.
   Running the user directory extractor to update SAM to reflect these membership changes is sufficient when you have such changes.
   Without the user directory extractor such changes may result in a large number of partial updates because these changes affect all content under site collections.
   Partial updates are performance intensive from both crawler and ESP index perspective.*

 - Since SAM is responsible for expanding SharePoint groups during search time, this may result in poor QPS rates,
 * If SharePoint contains many SharePoint groups.
 * If NT Authority\Authenticated users is a member of many SharePoint groups.
 - Need to work with two different connectors: content connector and user directory connector. This incurs additional work when setting up and scheduling the connector runs.
 - More complex. Extra configuration needed. Need to configure content connector, users directory extractor and SAM.

Indexing side ACL expansion

 - Higher QPS rates.
 - Most of the time no extra configuration is needed. The connector will work out of the box with SAM.
 - Easy to maintain: one component i.e. the content connector.

 - Compared to search side ACL expansion, initial crawl DPS rate may be lower.
 - May result in higher disk utilization (in the indexer node) due to expanded ACLs.
 - May result in poor incremental crawl performance if there are changes to SharePoint group memberships.
   If the frequency of changes to group memberships is high, end to end performance (indexing + searching) will suffer because the connector will spend more time doing partial updates.*

*Please note that you will only see this behavior in SharePoint 2007 environments. In SharePoint 2010, the connector will be doing partial updates anyways regardless of the ACL expansion method. 
Switching between search side and indexing side ACL expansion modes

If a user wants to switch between the two modes, the only option is to do a full re-crawl of the entire corpus.
Also re-using of existing ESP collection is not possible since there can be deleted documents in SharePoint.
If there are deleted documents, reusing the existing collection for re-crawling could result in “orphaned” documents in the index.
So to avoid search downtime customers can use the existing collection for their current search queries and do the re-crawl with a new ESP collection.
Once the connector is done with the re-crawl they can reconfigure SAM and then switch to this new collection for searching.

Known impacts of applying this fix 

Install procedure
You have to do a clean installation to use this service pack. Please follow the following steps.

 1. If you have any previous versions of the connector installed uninstall them using the control panel.
    Before you uninstall please make sure to make backups of the following configuration files. You will able to re-use these files with this release.
 * Connector and user directory connector configuration files. Normally located inside <INSTALL_FOLDER>\etc.
 * <INSTALL_FOLDER>\bin\SharePointConnector.exe.config.
 * <INSTALL_FOLDER>\bin\SPUserDirectoryExtractor.exe.config
 2. Run the msi package and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.
 3. You cannot use the existing state tracker database with this release hence you need to do a full re-crawl. Before doing the full re-crawl make sure do one of the following,
 * Point the connector to use a new state tracker database. Or,
 * Manually delete all the database objects (tables, stored procedures etc…) from the existing state tracker database. Or,
 * Change the Database/TableNamePrefix to use a unique prefix.

Configuring the connector to use indexing side security expansion.
 1. According to the steps provided in the connector user documentation, configure the connector and SAM to use security trimming.
    Please make sure not to follow the steps specific for user directory expansion.
 2. Set the parameter to “General/ExpandSharePointGroups” to true in the connector configuration file.
    You will find more information about this parameter in the sample configuration file. <INSTALL_FOLDER>\ete\SharePointConnectorConfig.xml.
 3. Please note that with this setting you don’t need to run the user directory extractor. 

This is a fix for issues
* 851851 : If log mode is DEBUG the connector terminates when it tries to crawl a document with invalid size attribute.
 * 852014 : Incremental crawling failure: "Failed to process modified list" due to ListChanges XML parsing error
 * 852021 : SharePoint connector treats Link based ListItem as File
 * 852066 : Feature request: The connector should support indexing side security expansion.
 * 852217 : Expired change token while crawling multiple content databases incrementally in the .Net SharePoint connector

More Information

This patch can be downloaded from MSConnect at the following links: 


If you do not have access to MSConnect and will be downloading software for your organization, please submit a request to Please be sure to include the complete contact details and the contract identifier.

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