Extensible Storage Engine 98 Error Codes -1051 to -999999


The following table lists the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) 98 error codes, numbers -1051 to -999999, with the following columns:
  • Error Type
  • Error Message
  • Decimal Equivalent
  • Description (from source code comments)
The ESE 98 error codes 0 to -1048 are listed in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
266361 Extensible Storage Engine 98 Error Codes 0 to -1048

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Error MessageError CodeDescription
#define JET_errIndexInUse-1051/* Index is in use */
#define JET_errLinkNotSupported -1052/* Link support unavailable */
#define JET_errNullKeyDisallowed-1053/* Null keys are disallowed on index */
#define JET_errNotInTransaction -1054/* Operation must be within a transaction */
#define JET_wrnNoErrorInfo1055/* No extended error information */
#define JET_wrnNoIdleActivity1058/* No idle activity occurred */
#define JET_errTooManyActiveUsers-1059/* Too many active database users */
#define JET_errInvalidCountry-1061/* Invalid or unknown country code */
#define JET_errInvalidLanguageId-1062/* Invalid or unknown language id */
#define JET_errInvalidCodePage-1063/* Invalid or unknown code page */
#define JET_wrnNoWriteLock1067/* No write lock at transaction level 0 */
#define JET_wrnColumnSetNull1068/* Column set to NULL-value */
#define JET_errVersionStoreOutOfMemory-1069/* Version store out of memory */
#define JET_errCurrencyStackOutOfMemory-1070/* UNUSED: lCSRPerfFUCB * g_lCursorsMax exceeded (XJET only) */
#define JET_errCannotIndex-1071/* Cannot index escrow column or SLV column */
#define JET_errRecordNotDeleted-1072/* Record has not been deleted */
#define JET_errTooManyMempoolEntries-1073/* Too many mempool entries requested */
#define JET_errOutOfObjectIDs-1074/* Out of btree ObjectIDs (perform offline defrag to reclaim freed/unused ObjectIDs) */
#define JET_errRunningInOneInstanceMode-1080/* Multi-instance call with single-instance mode enabled */
#define JET_errRunningInMultiInstanceMode-1081/* Single-instance call with multi-instance mode enabled */
#define JET_errSystemParamsAlreadySet-1082/* Global system parameters have already been set */
#define JET_errSystemPathInUse-1083/* System path already used by another database instance */
#define JET_errLogFilePathInUse-1084/* Log file path already used by another database instance */
#define JET_errTempPathInUse-1085/* Temp path already used by another database instance */
#define JET_errInstanceNameInUse-1086/* Instance Name already in use */
#define JET_errInstanceUnavailable-1090/* This instance cannot be used because it encountered a fatal error */
#define JET_errDatabaseUnavailable-1091/* This database cannot be used because it encountered a fatal error */
#define JET_errOutOfSessions -1101/* Out of sessions */
#define JET_errWriteConflict-1102/* Write lock failed due to outstanding write lock */
#define JET_errTransTooDeep-1103/* Transactions nested too deeply */
#define JET_errInvalidSesid-1104/* Invalid session handle */
#define JET_errWriteConflictPrimaryIndex
#define JET_errInTransaction-1108/* Operation not allowed within a transaction */
#define JET_errRollbackRequired-1109/* Must rollback current transaction -- cannot commit or begin a new one */
#define JET_errTransReadOnly-1110/* Read-only transaction tried to modify the database */
#define JET_errSessionWriteConflict-1111/* Attempt to replace the same record by two different cursors in the same session */
#define JET_errDatabaseDuplicate-1201/* Database already exists */
#define JET_errDatabaseInUse-1202/* Database in use */
#define JET_errDatabaseNotFound -1203/* No such database */
#define JET_errDatabaseInvalidName-1204/* Invalid database name */
#define JET_errDatabaseInvalidPages-1205/* Invalid number of pages */
#define JET_errDatabaseCorrupted-1206/* Non database file or corrupted db */
#define JET_errDatabaseLocked-1207/* Database exclusively locked */
#define JET_errCannotDisableVersioning-1208/* Cannot disable versioning for this database */
#define JET_errInvalidDatabaseVersion-1209/* Database engine is incompatible with database */
#define JET_errDatabase200Format-1210/* The database is in an older (200) format */
#define JET_errDatabase400Format-1211/* The database is in an older (400) format */
#define JET_errDatabase500Format-1212/* The database is in an older (500) format */
#define JET_errPageSizeMismatch-1213/* The database page size does not match the engine */
#define JET_errTooManyInstances-1214/* Cannot start any more database instances */
#define JET_errDatabaseSharingViolation-1215/* A different database instance is using this database */
#define JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch-1216/* An outstanding database attachment has been detected at the start or end of recovery, but database is missing or does not match attachment info */
#define JET_errDatabaseInvalidPath-1217/* Specified path to database file is illegal */
#define JET_errDatabaseIdInUse-1218/* A database is being assigned an id already in use */
#define JET_errForceDetachNotAllowed
#define JET_errCatalogCorrupted-1220/* Corruption detected in catalog */
#define JET_errPartiallyAttachedDB-1221/* Database is partially attached. Cannot complete attach operation */
#define JET_errDatabaseSignInUse-1222/* Database with same signature in use */
#define errSkippedDbHeaderUpdate-1223/* some db header weren't update because there were during detach */
#define JET_wrnTableEmpty1301/* Opened an empty table */
#define JET_errTableLocked-1302/* Table is exclusively locked */
#define JET_errTableDuplicate-1303/* Table already exists */
#define JET_errTableInUse-1304/* Table is in use, cannot lock */
#define JET_errObjectNotFound-1305/* No such table or object */
#define JET_errDensityInvalid-1307/* Bad file/index density */
#define JET_errTableNotEmpty-1308/* Table is not empty */
#define JET_errInvalidTableId-1310/* Invalid table id */
#define JET_errTooManyOpenTables-1311/* Cannot open any more tables (cleanup already attempted) */
#define JET_errIllegalOperation -1312/* Operation not supported on table */
#define JET_errObjectDuplicate-1314/* Table or object name in use */
#define JET_errInvalidObject-1316/* Object is invalid for operation */
#define JET_errCannotDeleteTempTable-1317/* Use CloseTable instead of DeleteTable to delete temp table */
#define JET_errCannotDeleteSystemTable-1318/* Illegal attempt to delete a system table */
#define JET_errCannotDeleteTemplateTable-1319/* Illegal attempt to delete a template table */
#define errFCBTooManyOpen-1320/* Cannot open any more FCBs (cleanup not yet attempted) */
#define errFCBAboveThreshold-1321/* Can only allocate FCB above preferred threshold (cleanup not yet attempted) */
#define JET_errExclusiveTableLockRequired
#define JET_errFixedDDL-1323/* DDL operations prohibited on this table */
#define JET_errFixedInheritedDDL-1324/* On a derived table, DDL operations are prohibited on inherited portion of DDL */
#define JET_errCannotNestDDL-1325/* Nesting of hierarchical DDL is not currently supported. */
#define JET_errDDLNotInheritable-1326/* Tried to inherit DDL from a table not marked as a template table. */
#define JET_wrnTableInUseBySystem1327/* System cleanup has a cursor open on the table */
#define JET_errInvalidSettings-1328/* System parameters were set improperly */
#define JET_errClientRequestToStopJetService-1329 /* Client has requested stop service */
#define JET_errCannotAddFixedVarColumnToDerivedTable-1330/* Template table was created with NoFixedVarColumnsInDerivedTables */
#define errFCBExists-1331/* Tried to create an FCB that already exists */
#define errFCBUnusable-1332/* Placeholder to mark an FCB that must be purged as unusable */
#define wrnCATNoMoreRecords1333/* Attempted to navigate past the end of the catalog */
#define JET_errIndexCantBuild-1401/* Index build failed */
#define JET_errIndexHasPrimary-1402/* Primary index already defined */
#define JET_errIndexDuplicate-1403/* Index is already defined */
#define JET_errIndexNotFound-1404/* No such index */
#define JET_errIndexMustStay-1405/* Cannot delete clustered index */
#define JET_errIndexInvalidDef-1406/* Illegal index definition */
#define JET_errInvalidCreateIndex-1409/* Invalid create index description */
#define JET_errTooManyOpenIndexes-1410/* Out of index description blocks */
#define JET_errMultiValuedIndexViolation-1411/* Non-unique inter-record index keys generated for a multivalued index */
#define JET_errIndexBuildCorrupted-1412/* Failed to build a secondary index that properly reflects primary index */
#define JET_errPrimaryIndexCorrupted-1413/* Primary index is corrupt. The database must be defragmented */
#define JET_errSecondaryIndexCorrupted-1414/* Secondary index is corrupt. The database must be defragmented */
#define JET_wrnCorruptIndexDeleted1415/* Out of date index removed */
#define JET_errInvalidIndexId-1416/* Illegal index id */
#define JET_errColumnLong-1501/* Column value is long */
#define JET_errColumnNoChunk-1502/* No such chunk in long value */
#define JET_errColumnDoesNotFit -1503/* Field will not fit in record */
#define JET_errNullInvalid-1504/* Null not valid */
#define JET_errColumnIndexed-1505/* Column indexed, cannot delete */
#define JET_errColumnTooBig-1506/* Field length is greater than maximum */
#define JET_errColumnNotFound-1507/* No such column */
#define JET_errColumnDuplicate-1508/* Field is already defined */
#define JET_errMultiValuedColumnMustBeTagged-1509/* Attempted to create a multi-valued column, but column was not Tagged */
#define JET_errColumnRedundant-1510/* Second auto increment or version column */
#define JET_errInvalidColumnType-1511/* Invalid column data type */
#define JET_wrnColumnMaxTruncated1512/* Max length too big, truncated */
#define JET_errTaggedNotNULL-1514/* No non-NULL tagged columns */
#define JET_errNoCurrentIndex-1515/* Invalid w/o a current index */
#define JET_errKeyIsMade-1516/* The key is completely made */
#define JET_errBadColumnId-1517/* Column Id Incorrect */
#define JET_errBadItagSequence-1518/* Bad itagSequence for tagged column */
#define JET_errColumnInRelationship-1519/* Cannot delete, column participates in relationship */
#define JET_wrnCopyLongValue1520/* Single instance column bursted */
#define JET_errCannotBeTagged-1521/* AutoIncrement and Version cannot be tagged */
#define wrnLVNoLongValues1522/* Table does not have a long value tree */
#define JET_wrnTaggedColumnsRemaining
#define JET_errDefaultValueTooBig-1524/* Default value exceeds maximum size */
#define JET_errMultiValuedDuplicate-1525/* Duplicate detected on a unique multi-valued column */
#define JET_errLVCorrupted-1526/* Corruption encountered in long-value tree */
#define wrnLVNoMoreData1527/* Reached end of LV data */
#define JET_errMultiValuedDuplicateAfterTruncation-1528/* Duplicate detected on a unique multi-valued column after data was normalized, and normalizing truncated the data before comparison */
#define JET_errDerivedColumnCorruption-1529/* Invalid column in derived table */
#define JET_errInvalidPlaceholderColumn-1530/* Tried to convert column to a primary index placeholder, but column doesn't meet necessary criteria */
#define JET_errRecordNotFound-1601/* The key was not found */
#define JET_errRecordNoCopy-1602/* No working buffer */
#define JET_errNoCurrentRecord-1603/* Currency not on a record */
#define JET_errRecordPrimaryChanged-1604/* Primary key may not change */
#define JET_errKeyDuplicate-1605/* Illegal duplicate key */
#define JET_errAlreadyPrepared-1607/* Attempted to update record when record update was already in progress */
#define JET_errKeyNotMade-1608/* No call to JetMakeKey */
#define JET_errUpdateNotPrepared-1609/* No call to JetPrepareUpdate */
#define JET_wrnDataHasChanged1610/* Data has changed */
#define JET_errDataHasChanged-1611/* Data has changed, operation aborted */
#define JET_wrnKeyChanged1618/* Moved to new key */
#define JET_errLanguageNotSupported-1619/* Windows NT installation does not support language */
#define JET_errTooManySorts-1701/* Too many sort processes */
#define JET_errInvalidOnSort-1702/* Invalid operation on Sort */
#define JET_errTempFileOpenError-1803/* Temp file could not be opened */
#define JET_errTooManyAttachedDatabases
-1805/* Too many open databases */
#define JET_errDiskFull -1808/* No space left on disk */
#define JET_errPermissionDenied -1809/* Permission denied */
#define JET_errFileNotFound-1811/* File not found */
#define JET_wrnFileOpenReadOnly1813/* Database file is read only */
#define JET_errAfterInitialization-1850/* Cannot Restore after init. */
#define JET_errLogCorrupted-1852/* Logs could not be interpreted */
#define JET_errInvalidOperation -1906/* Invalid operation */
#define JET_errAccessDenied-1907/* Access denied */
#define JET_wrnIdleFull1908/* Idle registry full */
#define JET_errTooManySplits-1909/* Infinite split */
#define JET_errSessionSharingViolation-1910/* Multiple threads are using the same session */
#define JET_errEntryPointNotFound-1911/* An entry point in a DLL we require could not be found */
#define JET_errSessionContextAlreadySet-1912/* Specified session already has a session context set */
#define JET_errSessionContextNotSetByThisThread-1913/* Tried to reset session context, but current thread did not originally set the session context */
#define JET_errSessionInUse-1914/* Tried to terminate session in use */
#define JET_errRecordFormatConversionFailed-1915/* Internal error during dynamic record format conversion */
#define JET_errOneDatabasePerSession-1916/* Just one open user database per session is allowed (JET_paramOneDatabasePerSession) */
#define JET_errRollbackError-1917/* error during rollback */
#define JET_wrnDefragAlreadyRunning2000/* Online defrag already running on specified database */
#define JET_wrnDefragNotRunning2001/* Online defrag not running on specified database */
#define JET_wrnCallbackNotRegistered2100/* Unregistered a non-existent callback function */
#define JET_errCallbackFailed-2101/* A callback failed */
#define JET_errCallbackNotResolved-2102/* A callback function could not be found */
#define wrnSLVNoStreamingData2200/* Database does not have a streaming file */
#define JET_errSLVSpaceCorrupted-2201/* Corruption encountered in space manager of streaming file */
#define JET_errSLVCorrupted-2202/* Corruption encountered in streaming file */
#define JET_errSLVColumnDefaultValueNotAllowed-2203/* SLV columns cannot have a default value */
#define JET_errSLVStreamingFileMissing-2204/* Cannot find streaming file associated with this database */
#define JET_errSLVDatabaseMissing-2205/* Streaming file exists, but database to which it belongs is missing */
#define JET_errSLVStreamingFileAlreadyExists
-2206/* Tried to create a streaming file when one already exists or is already recorded in the catalog */
#define JET_errSLVInvalidPath-2207/* Specified path to a streaming file is invalid */
#define JET_errSLVStreamingFileNotCreated-2208/* Tried to perform an SLV operation but streaming file was never created */
#define JET_errSLVStreamingFileReadOnly-2209/* Attach a read-only streaming file for read/write operations */
#define JET_errSLVHeaderBadChecksum-2210/* SLV file header failed checksum verification */
#define JET_errSLVHeaderCorrupted-2211/* SLV file header contains invalid information */
#define wrnSLVNoFreePages2212/* No free pages in SLV space Tree */
#define JET_errSLVPagesNotFree-2213/* Tried to move pages from the Free state when they were not in that state */
#define JET_errSLVPagesNotReserved-2214/* Tried to move pages from the Reserved state when they were not in that state */
#define JET_errSLVPagesNotCommitted-2215/* Tried to move pages from the Committed state when they were not in that state */
#define JET_errSLVPagesNotDeleted-2216/* Tried to move pages from the Deleted state when they were not in that state */
#define JET_errSLVSpaceWriteConflict-2217/* Unexpected conflict detected trying to write-latch SLV space pages */
#define JET_errSLVRootStillOpen-2218/* The database can not be created/attached because its corresponding SLV Root is still open by another process. */
#define JET_errSLVProviderNotLoaded-2219/* The database can not be created/attached because the SLV Provider has not been loaded. */
#define JET_errSLVEAListCorrupt-2220/* The specified SLV EA List is corrupted. */
#define JET_errSLVRootNotSpecified-2221/* The database cannot be created/attached because the SLV Root Name was omitted */
#define JET_errSLVRootPathInvalid-2222/* The specified SLV Root path was invalid. */
#define JET_errSLVEAListZeroAllocation-2223/* The specified SLV EA List has no allocated space. */
#define JET_errSLVColumnCannotDelete-2224/* Deletion of SLV columns is not currently supported. */
#define JET_errSLVSpaceMapAlreadyExists
-2225/* Tried to create a new catalog entry for SLV Space Map when one already exists*/
#define JET_errSLVSpaceMapCorrupted-2226/* Corruption encountered in SLV space map */
#define JET_errSLVSpaceMapPageNotFound-2227/* Corruption encountered in SLV space map */
#define wrnOLDSLVNothingToMove2228/* Nothing in the streaming file can be moved */
#define errOLDSLVUnableToMove-2228/* Unable to move a SLV File in the streaming file */
#define JET_errSLVFileStale-2229/* The specified SLV File handle belongs to a SLV Root that no longer exists. */
#define JET_errSLVFileInUse-2230/* The specified SLV File is currently in use */
#define JET_errSLVStreamingFileInUse-2231/* The specified streaming file is currently in use */
#define JET_errSLVFileIO-2232/* An I/O error occurred while accessing an SLV File (general read / write failure) */
#define JET_errSLVStreamingFileFull-2233/* No space left in the streaming file */
#define JET_errSLVFileInvalidPath-2234/* Specified path to a SLV File was invalid */
#define JET_errSLVFileAccessDenied-2235/* Cannot access SLV File, the SLV File is locked or is in use */
#define JET_errSLVFileNotFound-2236/* The specified SLV File was not found */
#define JET_errSLVFileUnknown-2237/* An unknown error occurred while accessing an SLV File */
#define JET_errSLVEAListTooBig-2238/* The specified SLV EA List could not be returned because it is too large to fit in the standard EA format. Retrieve the SLV File as a file handle instead. */
#define JET_errSLVProviderVersionMismatch-2239/* The loaded SLV Provider's version does not match the database engine's version. */
#define errSLVInvalidSpaceMapChecksum-2240/* checksum in SpaceMap is invalid */
#define wrnSLVDatabaseHeader2241/* Checking the header of a streaming file */
#define errOLDSLVMoveStopped-2242/* OLDSLV was stopped in the middle of a move */
#define JET_errSLVBufferTooSmall-2243/* Buffer allocated for SLV data or meta-data was too small */
#define JET_errLSCallbackNotSpecified-3000/* Attempted to use Local Storage without a callback function being specified */
#define JET_errLSAlreadySet-3001/* Attempted to set Local Storage for an object which already had it set */
#define JET_errLSNotSet-3002/* Attempted to retrieve Local Storage from an object which didn't have it set */
#define JET_errInvalidViewId-5000/* Invalid viewID handle */
#define JET_errViewCloseInProgress-5001/* Tried to do a view-op after calling CloseView */
#define JET_errExprnCorrupt-5100/* Exprn is exprntypNil (uninitialized node) */
#define JET_errExprnTypeMismatch-5101/* Operand types are not compatible */
#define JET_errExprnTooBig-5102/* Exprn parser ran out of memory */
#define JET_errExprnDivideByZero-5103/* Exprn attempted a divide/modulus by 0 */
#define JET_errExprnInvalidBase-5104/* When calculating x^y: x == 0.0 */
#define JET_errExprnOutOfRange-5105/* Input is out of range [ie: arcsin(20)]*/
#define JET_errSFSReadVerifyFailure-6000/* checksum error while verifying an SFS cluster */
#define JET_errSFSPathTooBig-6001/* the specified path exceeded the maximum path length */
#define JET_errSFSVolumeNotFound-6500/* the volume file could not be found */
#define JET_errSFSVolumeInvalidMagicNumber-6501/* the volume had a bad magic number */
#define JET_errSFSVolumeInvalidClusterSize-6502/* the volume's cluster size is wrong */
#define JET_errSFSVolumeIncompatibleVersion-6503/* the volume's version too old (or new) to be used by this version of SFS (format is incompatible) */
#define JET_errSFSDirectoryDisabled-7000/* the directory has been disabled due to an unexpected error */
#define JET_errSFSDirectoryFull-7001/* the directory had no room for a new file to be created */
#define JET_errSFSDirectoryCorrupt-7002/* the directory's meta data is corrupt */
#define JET_errSFSFileDisabled-7500/* the file has been disabled due to an unexpected error */
#define JET_errSFSFileShutdown-7501/* the file operation failed because the file is in the middle of being closed */
#define JET_errSFSFileCorrupt-7502/* the file's meta data is corrupt */
#define JET_errSFSFileShadowCorrupt-7503/* the file's meta data used for shadowing is corrupt */
#define JET_errSFSFileShadowDataCorrupt-7504/* the file's shadowed data (used for atomic file-writes) was corrupt [checksum failed] */
#define errSFSFileDeleted-7504/* INTERNAL ERROR: the file is marked as deleted and should be cleaned up */
#define JET_errSFSFileIOSparse-8000/* I/O was issued on 1 or more sparse (uncommitted) regions in the SFS file */
#define errSFSFileIOBeyondEOF-8001/* INTERNAL ERROR: the I/O was beyond EOF */
#define JET_errSFSFileIOTooBig-8002/* the I/O request was too large (probably because it exceeded the size of the shadow space) */
#define JET_errSFSFileIOShadowedWrite-8003/* the I/O could not be processed because of an error during a previous shadowed write */
#define JET_errSFSFileTooBig-999999/* TEMP ERROR: the SFS file is TOO BIG to be managed by a single-cluster extent map (in the future, this will go away and we will reallocate a larger extent map) */

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