A SharePoint Designer workflow activity uses the system account


When you move a document by using a Microsoft SharePoint Designer workflow activity, the system account appears in the Created By field, and the date on which the workflow moved the document appears in the Created Date field. 

This situation may occur if the user who started the workflow does not have the permissions to perform this action. In that case, the action is performed by the application pool account. This account is a privileged account that has sufficient permissions. 

For the original user to be maintained, a custom workflow activity must be created.

More Information

A similar situation occurs when you use the built-in Impersonation Step in SharePoint Designer 2010. This action requires special user rights and therefore runs under the identity of the user who created the workflow. In this situation, the workflow creator's identity appears in the Created By field, and the date on which the workflow moved the item appears in the Created Date field.

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