Outlook email is stuck in the Outbox but is delivered to recipients


After you send an email message in Microsoft Outlook 2013, and the message is received by the recipient (or recipients), you find the message stuck in the Outbox. It has not been moved to the Sent Items folder as expected.


This issue may occur because of a third-party DLL file that's installed on the computer. Microsoft product support teams have seen this issue occur in some cases with the Svrltmgr64.dll file. This file is associated with the SpectorSoft program.

Note The presence of this third-party DLL file does not necessarily mean that you will experience these symptoms. There may be other causes for these symptoms. This article is only intended to help you identify possible causes of this issue when you're running Outlook.


To resolve this issue, either disable or uninstall the third-party application. Use the Programs and Features item in Control Panel to uninstall the application.

If you can't locate the program through Control Panel, check the program's installation folder for an "uninstall" program. By default, the Svrltmgr64.dll file is located in the C:\Windows\Winipbin folder. 

For more assistance, contact the vendor of the third-party application.

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