Exchange Server transaction logs are generated at a high rate


The transaction logs on the Microsoft Exchange Server-based mailbox server are generated at rate that is higher than you expected. By using the ExMon tool, you verify that one or more users are generating the highest volume of logs. Disabling Exchange ActiveSync for the user or users results in reduced transaction log volume.


This issue typically occurs when no filter is applied to one or more folders on a device. This causes the sync state for the folder or folders to grow to several megabytes. Each request that is received by Exchange recommits the sync state, and this creates several new log files every time that a request is received.


To resolve this issue, apply an Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy that forces a maximum number of days for the sync.

The following example policy changes the maximum email age to two weeks:

Set-MobileDeviceMailboxPolicy Default -MaxEmailAgeFilter TwoWeeks 
Set-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy Default -MaxEmailAgeFilter TwoWeeks 

More Information

You can use the following Log Parser Studio query to identify users and folders that have large sync states:

/* Sync state greater than 2 MB */
SELECT Count(*) AS Hits,
EXTRACT_VALUE(cs-uri-query,'User') AS User,
EXTRACT_VALUE(cs-uri-query,'DeviceType') AS DeviceType,
EXTRACT_VALUE(cs-uri-query,'DeviceId') AS DeviceId,
EXTRACT_VALUE(cs-uri-query,'Cmd') AS Cmd,
EXTRACT_PREFIX(EXTRACT_SUFFIX(cs-uri-query, 0, '_Fid:'), 0, '_') As FolderId,
AVG(TO_INT(EXTRACT_PREFIX(EXTRACT_SUFFIX(SUBSTR(cs-uri-query, INDEX_OF(cs-uri-query, '_Sst')), 0, '_Sst'), 0, '_'))) AS AvgSyncStateSize,
AVG(TO_INT(EXTRACT_PREFIX(EXTRACT_SUFFIX(SUBSTR(cs-uri-query, INDEX_OF(cs-uri-query, '_SsCmt')), 0, '_SsCmt'), 0, '_'))) AS AvgSyncStateCommitSize,
EXTRACT_PREFIX(EXTRACT_SUFFIX(cs-uri-query, 0, '_Filt'), 0, '_') As Filter,
EXTRACT_PREFIX(EXTRACT_SUFFIX(cs-uri-query, 0, '_Ty:'), 0, '_') As Type
TO_INT(EXTRACT_PREFIX(EXTRACT_SUFFIX(SUBSTR(cs-uri-query, INDEX_OF(cs-uri-query, '_Sst')), 0, '_Sst'), 0, '_')) AS SyncSize
WHERE cs-uri-query LIKE '%Cmd=Sync%'
AND SyncSize > 2000
GROUP BY DeviceId, DeviceType, Cmd, User, FolderId, Filter, Type
ORDER BY Hits, AvgSyncStateSize DESC


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