Microsoft Self-Help - Microsoft Community

The Microsoft Community is just that: a community. Comprised of users just like you, the Microsoft Community gathers Microsoft's products all in one place, from Bing, to MSN, to OneDrive. Here, users post questions or problems they're having with a particular product or browse community-approved support articles. 

New to the Microsoft Community? Two things: one, welcome. Two, we're going to throw a few pointers your way so you can jump into the community and get the answers you need faster.

After opening the Microsoft Community page, you'll see the following home page with a list of topics and products.

If you click on any of the categories, you'll be taken to that category's home page. As an example, we've selected Windows.

Notice a Top Contributors section that shows, well, the top contributors. And yes: those are real names. Just another reason to look forward to joining the community.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try looking here to find more support options.


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