MSN Gaming Zone Internet games are not supported in Windows Vista


After you upgrade from Microsoft Windows XP to Windows Vista, you cannot play any of the following games in Windows Vista after you double-click the program file:

  • Internet Backgammon
  • Internet Checkers
  • Internet Hearts
  • Internet Reversi
  • Internet Spades
For example, if you locate the %SystemRoot%:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\Windows folder, and then double-click one of the following program files, the game cannot connect to the MSN Gaming Zone server:

  • Bckgzm.exe
  • Chkrzm.exe
  • Hrtzzm.exe
  • Rvsezm.exe
  • Shvlzm.exe
  • ZClientm.exe
Note These program files are present in Windows Vista if you upgraded the computer from Windows XP to Windows Vista.


This issue occurs because Windows Vista does not support the MSN Gaming Zone games that are listed in the "Symptoms" section. These games are a component of Windows XP. Additionally, these games have been removed from the Start menu and from the Games Explorer in Windows Vista. However, these programs still exist in the folder in which they were installed in Windows XP after you upgrade to Windows Vista.


To play the games that are listed in the "Symptoms" section, visit the following MSN Games Web site. Then, search for the game that you want to play.


For more information, see the "What happened to the Internet games that used to be in Windows?" topic in the Windows Vista Help file.

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