Description of the SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package (Coreserver.msp): August 26, 2008


This article describes the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 issues that are fixed in the Office SharePoint Server 2007 hotfix package that is dated August 26, 2008.
This article describes the following items about the hotfix package:
  • The issues that the hotfix package fixes.
  • The prerequisites for installing the hotfix package.
  • Whether you must restart the computer after you install the hotfix package.
  • Whether the hotfix package is replaced by any other hotfix packages.
  • Whether you must make any registry changes.
  • The files that the hotfix package contains.


Issues that this hotfix package fixes

This hotfix fixes the following issues that are not previously documented in a Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
  • When you edit a navigation link in a SharePoint Server 2007 site, each edit may cause the query string part of the link to be doubled.

    For example, the link /newtestsite/_layouts/viewlsts.aspx?ShowSites=1 becomes /newtestsite/_layouts/viewlsts.aspx?ShowSites=1?ShowSites=1. If you continue to edit the navigation link, it will become very long. Finally, it will be too long to edit. BUG #: 20253 (OfficeQFE)
  • You use the Collaboration Portal template to create a SharePoint Server 2007 site collection. Then, numbers of log entries for the site collection are logged in the content and structure log. In this case, when you try to check the content and structure log again under Site Administration, you receive the following error message:
    server is out of memory error
    BUG #: 20968 (OfficeQFE)
  • You use the Publishing Portal template to create a SharePoint Server 2007 site collection. When you use Windows Explorer to create a new folder for the site collection, the application event log is filled with thousands of error events. BUG #: 21559 (OfficeQFE)
  • When you use Group Policy on a SharePoint Server 2007 server to enable the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), Event ID 6482 is logged in the event log. BUG #: 21621 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • In Shared Services Provider (SSP), you import audience members from a security group that is in an organizational unit (OU) in an Active Directory directory service.
    • You move the security group to a new OU within Active Directory.
    • In SSP, you try to import the audience members from the security group again.
    In this scenario, when you try to search for the security group, the security group is located under the old OU.BUG #: 21664 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You enable advanced usage analysis logging on a portal.
    • The SharePoint site contains a document that has a full file URL that exceeds 260 characters.
    • When the document is accessed by users, or the document is crawled by the SharePoint search process on a particular day, visits to the site on that particular day are logged.
    In this scenario, when you open Site usage reports, usage for that particular day may have a value of 0. BUG #: 21684 (OfficeQFE)
  • In a SharePoint Server 2007 site collection, you create a subsite. When you delete the navigation heading of the subsite, and then you move the subsite, the URL for the subsite is not updated in the quick-launch menu. BUG #: 21686 (OfficeQFE)
  • On a SharePoint site, you add a Web Server Control in a Web page to display the last time that the Web page was modified. After you update the Web page, the last-modified time is updated as expected. However, the last-modified time is not displayed in the time zone that the SharePoint site is set to use. BUG #: 21803 (OfficeQFE)
  • The procedure GetListItemWorkflows is called unexpectedly every time that you edit a list item on a site collection. BUG #: 21825 (OfficeQFE)
  • On a SharePoint site, when you try to change the source data of a Categories Web Part, a JavaScript error occurs unexpectedly.

    BUG #: 21866 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • In a SharePoint site, you add two "This Week In Pictures" Web Parts on a Web page.
    • These two Web Parts are linked to different picture libraries of a SharePoint Server 2007 site.
    In this scenario, when you try to view the slide show of a Web Part, the pictures that are displayed are from the picture library in another Web Part. BUG #: 21932 (OfficeQFE)
  • In SharePoint Server 2007, the page editing toolbar is not displayed for a page that uses a plus sign (+) in its URL. BUG #: 22028 (OfficeQFE)
  • In the site manager page of a SharePoint site, when you try to copy more than 50 items in a document library, you may receive the following error message:
    You may re-try the operation, and you may need to clean up the half-created data first before re-trying. If the problem persists, please contact your system administrator.
    BUG #: 22035 (OfficeQFE)
  • A user created a page in a SharePoint Server 2007 site collection. After that, the user was removed from the site collection. In this case, when you try to view the page settings of the published page, you receive the following error message:
    User cannot be found
    BUG #: 22055 (OfficeQFE)
  • You configure SharePoint Server 2007 to crawl a Lotus Notes content source in which a Lotus Notes document contains some attachments. During the crawl, the Windows API GetTempFileName is called to generate the temporary files to temporarily store attachments. However, those temp files are not removed as expected after the crawl.

    In this case, there are too many temp files in the temp folder. Therefore, the calls to GetTempFileName become very slow. The crawl operation takes longer to finish.BUG #: 22066 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • In SharePoint Central Administration, you use the Collaboration Portal template to create a SharePoint Server 2007 Web site.
    • The URL of the Web site uses managed path/sites formatting.

      For example, the URL may be http://servername/sites/collaborationportal.
    • You delete the Top Sites Web Part, and then you add it again on a Web page in the Web site.
    When you try to edit the Web Part, you receive the following error message:
    An unexpected error has occurred.
    BUG #: 22142 (OfficeQFE)
  • In SSP, you import the user profiles from an Active Directory directory service. You map the Assistant property of the user profiles to the Assistant property of the user in Active Directory.

    When you check the imported user profiles in SSP, the value of the Assistant property of the user profiles displays the distinguished name (also known as DN) instead of the actual user name. BUG #: 22147 (OfficeQFE)
  • The spelling checker (spellcheck.asmx) cannot auto-detect the language for certain strings. For example, when you use the spelling checker to check the spelling of the string "New Day January," you receive the following error message:

    Spell checking is not available for the default language. Use one of the following languages and click OK to continue spelling, or click Cancel to stop
    BUG #: 22246 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario:
    • A SharePoint Server 2007 farm contains one index server and one query server.
    • You change the index server to perform both the Indexer role and the Query role.
    In this scenario, when you change the index server to the Indexer role only, the query server will not be reinitialized.BUG #: 22483 (OfficeQFE)
This hotfix package, together with hotfix 956057, also fixes the following issues that are not previously documented in a Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
  • When you perform a full-text query, you cannot use the equal sign (=) in the column of the Number type. BUG #: 20970 (OfficeQFE)
  • On a SharePoint site, when you search for a common Chinese name, you receive the following misleading message:
    The query you typed contains only words to exclude from results. Type one or more search words to include, and then retry your search.
    BUG #: 21603 (OfficeQFE)
  • A full crawl may take several weeks to be completed. Additionally, the crawl may stop responding, and you cannot stop it or cancel it. BUG #: 21847 (OfficeQFE)
  • After you install the following post-Service Pack 1 hotfix packages, you cannot use the Search Web service on the encoded paths. For example, the encoded path can be http://servername/shared%20documents.

    For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    941274 Description of the SharePoint Server 2007 and SharePoint Server 2007 for Search post-2007 Office servers Service Pack 1 hotfix package: January 31, 2008

    941422 Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 post-Service Pack 1 hotfix package: January 31, 2008

    BUG #: 22063 (OfficeQFE)
  • You create a custom security trimmer, and then you register it to two Shared Services Providers (SSPs). When you search programmatically against one of the SSPs, the correct search results are displayed, and all the security trimmed URLs from this SSP are available.

    If you search programmatically on the other SSP during the same session, the correct search results are displayed as expected. However, the URLs that are passed to the security trimmer are from the previous SSP.
    BUG #: 22088 (OfficeQFE)
  • Consider the following scenario. You develop a solution that is based on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. The basis of the solution is a custom security trimmer. Then, you add items to a list and modify the permission on these items. In this scenario, when you try to search items from the list, the items in the search results do not have a title. Additionally, the URLs are invalid. BUG #: 22112 (OfficeQFE)
  • Queries that have stemmed words take longer to return the results.

    For example, a query for zone takes 5 seconds. However, a query for zone 2 takes 15 seconds. The number 2 in zone 2 can be seen as the stemmed word for the query. BUG #: 22234 (OfficeQFE)
  • When you try to crawl a content source, the offline files in the content source are indexed unexpectedly. The offline files are the files that have the PR_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_OFFLINE attribute set.

    Note After you apply the hotfix, offline files will are not indexed any longer. BUG #: 22238 (OfficeQFE)
  • You experience the following symptoms after you start a crawl:
    • Event ID 9502 is repeatedly logged in the Application log.
    • The Mssearch.exe process reaches more than 80 percent CPU usage consistently.
    This issue may occur if invalid content is crawled. BUG #: 22311 (OfficeQFE)
  • When you configure the "Search Core Results" Web Part to return a custom managed property of the type Date and Time, only the date part is returned. This issue occurs regardless of how you configure the "Search Core Results" Web Part. BUG #: 22372 (OfficeQFE)
Note To resolve these issues, you have to install both hotfix package 956056 and hotfix 956057.

For more information about hotfix 956057, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

956057 Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hotfix package: August 26, 2008

More Information

Hotfix information

A supported hotfix is available from Microsoft. However, this hotfix is intended to correct only the problem that is described in this article. Apply this hotfix only to systems that are experiencing this specific problem. This hotfix might receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next software update that contains this hotfix.

If the hotfix is available for download, there is a "Hotfix download available" section at the top of this Knowledge Base article. If this section does not appear, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support to obtain the hotfix.

Note If additional issues occur or if any troubleshooting is required, you might have to create a separate service request. The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for this specific hotfix. For a complete list of Microsoft Customer Service and Support telephone numbers or to create a separate service request, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Note The "Hotfix download available" form displays the languages for which the hotfix is available. If you do not see your language, it is because a hotfix is not available for that language.


There are no prerequisites for installing this hotfix package.

Restart information

You do not have to restart the computer after you apply this hotfix package.

Hotfix replacement information

This hotfix package does not replace a previously released hotfix.

Registry information

To use one of the hotfixes in this package, you do not have to make any changes to the registry.

File information

This hotfix may not contain all the files that you must have to fully update a product to the latest build. This hotfix contains only the files that you must have to correct the issues that are listed in this article.

The global version of this hotfix package has the file attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time item in Control Panel.

32-bit hotfix file information

Download information
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Microsoft Windows Installer .msp file information
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Coreserver.mspNot Applicable80,754,17621-Aug-200810:50Not Applicable
After the hotfix is installed, the global version of this hotfix has the file attributes, or a later version of the file attributes, that are listed in the following table:
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Adodb.dll7.10.2346.0110,59212-Dec-020:17Not applicable
Bdcconnector.dll12.0.6300.500026,6966-Dec-0717:29Not applicable
Chsbrkr.dll12.0.6300.50001,692,16813-Dec-0720:55Not applicable
Chtbrkr.dll12.0.6300.50006,119,94413-Dec-0720:55Not applicable
Danlr.dll1.0.0.16222,74424-Feb-063:42Not applicable
Grclr.dll1.0.0.11116,26429-Apr-069:18Not applicable
Grcste.dll1.0.0.13112,16829-Apr-069:19Not applicable
Huczlr.dll2.0.4.2349,68821-Apr-062:12Not applicable
Korwbrkr.dll12.0.6321.5000163,33625-Jun-0812:57Not applicable
Lrpolish.dll1.9.0.0106,32026-Mar-0623:08Not applicable
Microsoft.mshtml.dll7.0.3300.08,007,68012-Dec-020:19Not applicable,851,8885-Jun-088:55Not applicable,851,8885-Jun-088:55x86,23225-Mar-0813:47x86,6486-Dec-0715:41x86,525,36014-Aug-084:08Not applicable,56826-Jun-0814:32Not applicable,66425-Mar-0813:47x86
Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.dll12.0.6327.50006,505,54414-Aug-084:36Not applicable
Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.singlesignon.dll12.0.6300.500070,7287-Dec-0714:29Not applicable
Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.singlesignon.provideradmin.exe12.0.6300.500017,9926-Dec-0717:29x86,9927-Dec-0714:29Not applicable,9927-Dec-0714:29x86
Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.upgrade.dll12.0.6324.5000767,04814-Jul-0813:34Not applicable
Microsoft.sharepoint.publishing.dll12.0.6327.50003,593,28819-Aug-088:46Not applicable
Microsoft.stdformat.dll7.0.9466.013,31212-Dec-020:17Not applicable
Mir_fi.dll1.0.0.73,864,12822-May-0712:45Not applicable
Msdatasrc.dll7.0.9466.04,09612-Dec-020:18Not applicable
Msgfilt.dll2008.603.6318.500033,8243-Jun-0813:57Not applicable
Msscntrs.dll12.0.6300.500091,65613-Dec-0720:56Not applicable
Mssdmn.exe12.0.6318.5000282,6563-Jun-0814:53Not applicable
Mssearch.exe12.0.6318.5000159,2643-Jun-0814:53Not applicable
Mssph.dll12.0.6326.5000700,4164-Aug-0815:23Not applicable
Mssrch.dll12.0.6327.50002,063,36014-Aug-084:08Not applicable
Naturallanguage6.dll6.0.6323.50002,613,8242-Jul-0810:02Not applicable
Nlsdata0000.dll6.0.6300.50001,514,5926-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0001.dll6.0.6300.50002,589,2806-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0002.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0003.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0007.dll6.0.6300.50002,279,5206-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0009.dll6.0.6300.500024,411,74412-Dec-0718:05Not applicable
Nlsdata000a.dll6.0.6300.50009,879,6486-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata000c.dll6.0.6300.50002,676,8326-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata000d.dll6.0.6300.50002,332,7686-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata000f.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0010.dll6.0.6300.50004,479,5846-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0011.dll6.0.6300.50002,643,0406-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0013.dll6.0.6300.50003,453,5366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0018.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0019.dll6.0.6300.50004,481,6326-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata001a.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata001b.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata001d.dll6.0.6300.50004,479,5846-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0020.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0021.dll6.0.6300.50001,791,5846-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0022.dll6.0.6300.50001,791,5846-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0024.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0026.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0027.dll6.0.6300.50001,957,4726-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata002a.dll6.0.6300.50001,791,5846-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0039.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata003e.dll6.0.6300.50001,791,5846-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0045.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0046.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0047.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0049.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata004a.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata004b.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata004c.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata004e.dll6.0.6300.50003,092,0646-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0414.dll6.0.6300.50004,479,5846-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0416.dll6.0.6300.50004,479,5846-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0816.dll6.0.6300.50004,479,5846-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata081a.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlsdata0c1a.dll6.0.6300.50001,955,9366-Dec-0711:28Not applicable
Nlslexicons0009.dll6.0.6323.50002,655,3282-Jul-0810:02Not applicable
Notesph.dll12.0.6326.5000836,1284-Aug-0815:23Not applicable
Offfiltx.dll2006.1200.6318.50001,059,9043-Jun-0813:57Not applicable
Pkmexsph.dll12.0.6318.5000184,3283-Jun-0814:53Not applicable
Pkmnpw.dll12.0.6300.500044,03213-Dec-0720:56Not applicable
Query.dll12.0.6300.500084,48013-Dec-0720:56Not applicable
Spsimportph.dll12.0.6327.5000329,23214-Aug-084:08Not applicable
Srchipp.dll12.0.6300.50001,009,68012-Dec-0717:38Not applicable
Srchpml.dll12.0.6300.500015,37612-Dec-0717:38Not applicable
Ssocli.dll12.0.6300.500063,4886-Dec-0715:06Not applicable
Ssosrv.exe12.0.6300.5000389,6807-Dec-0714:29Not applicable
Stdole.dll7.0.9466.016,38412-Dec-020:17Not applicable
Thawbrkr.dll12.0.6300.5000316,42413-Dec-0720:56Not applicable
Tquery.dll12.0.6327.50002,347,00814-Aug-084:09Not applicable
Trklr.dll1.18.0.0792,36822-May-0713:17Not applicable

64-bit hotfix file information

Download information
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Microsoft Windows Installer .msp file information
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Coreserver.mspNot Applicable88,995,32821-Aug-200810:48Not Applicable
After the hotfix is installed, the global version of this hotfix has the file attributes, or a later version of the file attributes, that are listed in the following table:
File nameFile versionFile sizeDateTimePlatform
Adodb.dll7.10.2346.0110,59212-Dec-020:17Not applicable
Bdcconnector.dll12.0.6300.500026,6966-Dec-0716:06Not applicable
Chsbrkr.dll12.0.6300.50001,719,30413-Dec-0720:47Not applicable
Chtbrkr.dll12.0.6300.50006,132,74413-Dec-0720:47Not applicable
Danlr.dll1.0.0.16299,03224-Feb-063:43Not applicable
Grclr.dll1.0.0.13154,6646-Jun-0719:31Not applicable
Grcste.dll1.0.0.14154,6646-Jun-0719:31Not applicable
Huczlr.dll2.0.4.3481,27222-May-0714:51Not applicable
Korwbrkr.dll12.0.6321.5000263,68824-Jun-0819:29Not applicable
Lrpolish.dll1.9.0.0114,51226-Mar-0623:08Not applicable
Microsoft.mshtml.dll7.0.3300.08,007,68012-Dec-020:19Not applicable,851,8883-Jun-0814:33Not applicable,851,8883-Jun-0814:33x86,23225-Mar-0813:49x86,075,2486-Dec-0715:23x64,641,58414-Aug-083:12Not applicable,56826-Jun-0814:27Not applicable,66425-Mar-0813:49x86
Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.dll12.0.6327.50006,505,54414-Aug-087:29Not applicable
Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.singlesignon.dll12.0.6300.500070,7287-Dec-0714:19Not applicable
Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.singlesignon.provideradmin.exe12.0.6300.500017,9926-Dec-0716:06x86,9927-Dec-0714:19Not applicable,9927-Dec-0714:19x86
Microsoft.sharepoint.portal.upgrade.dll12.0.6324.5000767,04814-Jul-0813:40Not applicable
Microsoft.sharepoint.publishing.dll12.0.6327.50003,593,28814-Aug-082:47Not applicable
Microsoft.stdformat.dll7.0.9466.013,31212-Dec-020:17Not applicable
Mir_fi.dll1.0.0.74,428,86422-May-0712:45Not applicable
Msdatasrc.dll7.0.9466.04,09612-Dec-020:18Not applicable
Msgfilt.dll2008.603.6318.500052,7683-Jun-0813:56Not applicable
Msscntrs.dll12.0.6300.5000438,28013-Dec-0720:47Not applicable
Mssdmn.exe12.0.6318.5000797,7283-Jun-0814:45Not applicable
Mssearch.exe12.0.6318.5000575,0083-Jun-0814:45Not applicable
Mssph.dll12.0.6326.50001,950,20831-Jul-0821:35Not applicable
Mssrch.dll12.0.6327.50004,755,45614-Aug-083:12Not applicable
Naturallanguage6.dll6.0.6323.50003,978,8162-Jul-0810:02Not applicable
Nlsdata0000.dll6.0.6300.50001,690,7206-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0001.dll6.0.6300.50002,868,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0002.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0003.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0007.dll6.0.6300.50002,614,3686-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0009.dll6.0.6300.500024,805,4726-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata000a.dll6.0.6300.500010,274,4006-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata000c.dll6.0.6300.50002,990,1766-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata000d.dll6.0.6300.50002,613,8566-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata000f.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0010.dll6.0.6300.50004,773,4726-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0011.dll6.0.6300.50002,892,3846-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0013.dll6.0.6300.50003,731,0406-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0018.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0019.dll6.0.6300.50004,775,5206-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata001a.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata001b.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata001d.dll6.0.6300.50004,773,4726-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0020.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0021.dll6.0.6300.50002,056,8006-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0022.dll6.0.6300.50002,056,8006-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0024.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0026.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0027.dll6.0.6300.50002,230,3686-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata002a.dll6.0.6300.50002,056,8006-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0039.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata003e.dll6.0.6300.50002,056,8006-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0045.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0046.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0047.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0049.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata004a.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata004b.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata004c.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata004e.dll6.0.6300.50003,363,4246-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0414.dll6.0.6300.50004,773,4726-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0416.dll6.0.6300.50004,773,4726-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0816.dll6.0.6300.50004,773,4726-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata081a.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlsdata0c1a.dll6.0.6300.50002,228,8326-Dec-0711:20Not applicable
Nlslexicons0009.dll6.0.6323.50002,655,3282-Jul-0810:02Not applicable
Offfiltx.dll2006.1200.6318.50001,741,3763-Jun-0813:56Not applicable
Pkmexsph.dll12.0.6318.5000654,3443-Jun-0814:45Not applicable
Query.dll12.0.6300.5000223,23213-Dec-0720:47Not applicable
Spsimportph.dll12.0.6327.5000791,05614-Aug-083:12Not applicable
Srchipp.dll12.0.6300.50002,071,0566-Dec-0710:19Not applicable
Srchpml.dll12.0.6300.500015,3766-Dec-0710:19Not applicable
Ssocli.dll12.0.6300.5000100,3526-Dec-0714:51Not applicable
Ssosrv.exe12.0.6300.5000698,9287-Dec-0714:19Not applicable
Stdole.dll7.0.9466.016,38412-Dec-020:17Not applicable
Thawbrkr.dll12.0.6300.5000378,37613-Dec-0720:48Not applicable
Tquery.dll12.0.6327.50004,766,20814-Aug-083:12Not applicable
Trklr.dll1.18.0.01,113,90422-May-0713:17Not applicable
Additional notes
  • For more information about how to install this hotfix, see the Readme.txt file that is included in the hotfix package.
  • For more information about software update terminology, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    824684 Description of the standard terminology that is used to describe Microsoft software updates

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