Browser default action for CTRL+P cannot be prevented

Beginning in Internet Explorer 9, you cannot use the preventDefault() or stopPropagation() method to prevent the browser default action for the Ctrl+P key combination. The default action is to open the print dialog box. 

Note This action applies only if the page is rendered in standards mode.

If you try to attach a different action to this key combination, the attempt fails and the default action persists.
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The following example demonstrates this behavior.

If Internet Explorer is running in standards mode, the following code does not prevent the default action:

function handleKeyDown (oEvent) {  if (oEvent.keyCode == 80 && oEvent.ctrlKey ) {     if (oEvent.preventDefault)  oEvent.preventDefault();     if (oEvent.stopPropagation) oEvent.stopPropagation();    }}

However, if Internet Explorer is running in IE5.5 quirks mode, you can use the following code, instead:

function handleKeyDown (oEvent) {  if (oEvent.keyCode == 80 && oEvent.ctrlKey ) {     // IE Quirks     oEvent.returnValue = false;     oEvent.keyCode = 0;     }}

Caution If you change the browser document mode, the page layout may be adversely affected.
This behavior is by design.

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Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer 10, Windows Internet Explorer 9

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