Crystal Error 513 "Invalid printer specified"


1. The error occurs when printing any report. The Windows Default Printer is not set up on the workstation. See Resolution 473.

2. The error occurs when printing any report. The Printer Name is too long. See Resolution 13848.

3. The error occurs when the Order Management OM Workstation Install (40.999.00) has not been run on the workstation. See Resolution 27823.

4. The error occurs when there is a corrupt Template ID. See Resolution 1.


Resolution 1 - Delete and recreate the Template (98.230.00).

Resolution 473 - Set the Windows Default Printer and/or the Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Business Solutions - Solomon Default Printer.


1. Microsoft Dynamics SL uses the Windows Default Printer for the current session unless default Microsoft Dynamics SL printing options have been saved in Printer Setup (98.220.00).

2. The Printer Setup can be changed in the ROI screen for printing to special forms, e.g., Checks. The Printer selected in the ROI will be used for the current report only.

To change the Default Printer in Windows 95/98/NT:

1. From the Start Menu, select Settings | Control Panel.

2. In Control Panel, double-click on the Printers folder.

3. If the Printer already exists, right-click on its icon and select Set As Default.

4. If the Printer does not exist, double-click the Add Printer icon.

5. Follow the Wizard options to add the Printer.

To change the Default Printer in Microsoft Dynamics SL:

1. Access the File menu and select Printer Setup.

2. Click the Setup button.

3. Select the Printer for Financial Statements and Batch Control Reports and click OK.

4. Select Save as Default. Click OK.

Note -To route Batch Control Reports to a separate Default Printer, reselect the Default Printer for the Batch Control Reports directly after printing, but before keeping Invoices.

Resolution 13848 - Shorten the name of the Printer to less than 24 characters.

1. If the name of the Printer is more than 24 characters long, it will truncate in PES.DAT. 'Windows Default' falls within the shorter Printer Name parameter.

Resolution 27823 - Run Order Management OM Workstation Install (40.999.00).

1. Open OM Workstation Install (40.999.00) on the workstation receiving the errors.

2. Click Begin.

3. Close OM Workstation Install after the installation has completed.

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