When you try clear the Allow posting to closed fiscal periods check box on the GL Setup (01.950.00) screen, you receive the following error message:

System Message 28002 - 'Can not disable posting to prior periods because unreleased batches in prior periods exist'.


This problem occurs when a batch that has a prior period to post has not been released yet.


To resolve this issue, delete or release the unreleased batch that has a prior period to post. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Run the following SQL statement in SQL Server Management Studio against your Microsoft Dynamics SL application database to identify the unreleased batch:

    select BatNbr,EditScrnNbr,Status,PerPost,Module,* from Batch where STATUS IN ('B', 'H')

  2. Identify the batches that have a value in the perpost field prior to the current fiscal period. Delete or release the batches on the screen that are noted in the EditScrnNbr field.

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