Money in your Microsoft account can't be transferred to another Microsoft account. Account balances can't be converted from one currency to another.

Spending and balance limits

  • You can redeem gift cards totalling $1,000 USD* to your Microsoft account on any given day. If you have additional Microsoft accounts registered in your name or that we have determined you created, you can redeem no more than $5,000 USD* total to them on any given day.
  • At any one time, the maximum amount of money you can have in your Microsoft account is $1,000 USD,* with a limit of $5,000 USD* for additional accounts.
  • In most countries you can spend up to $1,000 USD* a day with a limit of $5,000 USD* for additional Microsoft accounts.
  • Local laws may have further restrictions.
  • If you exceed any of these restrictions, you may be temporarily unable to complete any transactions.
* Or its equivalent in your country or region's currency.

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