If you see an unknown charge on your statement, check to see if these possible reasons apply:

  • A subscription like Xbox Live, Office 365, OneDrive, or Skype was auto-renewed
  • Someone you know with access to your credit card number placed an order
  • Charges for multiple purchases were grouped together as one charge
  • Orders were split into multiple shipments and then billed for each item
  • There was a delay between when you bought something and when the purchase appeared on your statement
  • Your bank placed an authorization hold due to a pending order
  • To verify your credit card, there were small authorization holds placed on it
  • A previously declined charge was charged again
  • You made an in-app purchase from a game, or from an Office, Windows, or Windows Phone app
  • Your pre-ordered item shipped from the Microsoft Store

If these don’t explain a charge you see on your statement, contact Support for assistance.


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