Windows Phone tips and tricks

लागू: Windows Phone 8.1


Ready to do more? Try out these tips and tricks to make your Windows Phone the most productive, the most connected, and the most fun it can be. Go to a category to get started.


Top tips
  • Swipe to see your apps.  Swipe over from Start to see your App list. Tap any letter to see the entire alphabet, and tap another letter to jump there—or tap Search 
    Search Icon
    to go straight to a specific app.
  • Screen rotation lock. Read on the couch, in bed, or hanging upside down from a tree—it's all possible with the screen rotation lock. In the App list, go to Settings 
    Settings Icon
    > Screen rotation to turn it on.
  • Back it up. Save it all to the cloud—back up your App list, settings, texts, and photos. In the App list, go to Settings 
    Settings Icon
    > Backup to turn it on.
  • Notifications and quick actions. It's simple to check your notifications and quick actions on the fly. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open action center. Tap a notification to open the associated app (for example, email) or swipe over to dismiss the notification. Tap a quick action (such as rotation lock or brightness) to use it.
  • Curb your data. In the App list, go to Data Sense 
    Data Sense Icon
    to manage your phone's data usage. You can also use Wi-Fi Sense to have your phone automatically connect to open Wi-Fi hot spots. Just tap Settings 
    Settings Icon
    > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Sense to get started. (Not all mobile operators offer Data Sense.)
  • Restart your phone. If your phone is unresponsive, you can usually restart it to get back on track.