You'll get a notification if music begins after the last video or photo in your project. If this happens, the music that starts after the last photo or video will not play in your final movie.

To fix this issue, do one or more of the following:

  • Add more photos and videos. If you add enough photos or videos to make the project longer than the first song, the song at the end will play in your final movie. For more information about adding videos and photos, see How do I add videos and photos in Movie Maker?
  • Fit your movie to the music. To do this, on the Project tab, in the Audio group, select Fit to music. The amount of time the photos are shown will be automatically adjusted. Depending on the number of photos, amount of video, and the duration of the music, the song at the end might be able to play because the duration of the photos will be longer.
  • Make the photos play longer. Adjust the duration of photos on your own and make one or more of the photos play longer. After making one or more photos display longer, the music at the end might be played because the overall project is longer. To adjust the duration of the photo, click the photo, and then, under Video Tools, on the Edit tab, in the Adjust group, select Duration. Select or enter a longer duration.
  • Trim music. Trim a song in the project to make it shorter. If you trim the song so it's shorter than the length of the videos and photos combined, the song at the end will be able play in your final movie.
  • Remove other music from the project. This moves the song at the end to an earlier time in your project so it plays in your movie.

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