Lifecycle support policy FAQ - Microsoft Online Services

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For Business and Developer Online Services 

1. What is a Microsoft Online Service?
2. What does Microsoft mean by “cloud-based?”
3. What is the Online Services Support Lifecycle Policy?
4. I am familiar with traditional Microsoft Support Lifecycle policies such as Mainstream Support and Extended Support phases. In what ways are the Online Services Support Lifecycle policies similar or different?
5. I frequently visit the Microsoft Support Lifecycle site to know when my on-premises software – such as Microsoft Windows – leaves support. How can I prepare to be informed of changes in my Microsoft Online Service?
6. Are security updates considered a “change” by this policy?
इस पृष्ठ की जानकारीMicrosoft नीति अस्वीकरण और बदलाव संबंधी सूचना के अधीन है. इस प्रकार के बदलावों की समीक्षा करने के लिए समय-समय पर इस साइट पर लौटें.


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