While installing SL client process fails with multiple system errors


During the client portion of the server install, the client setup fails with the following errors:



Setup was unable to run the data access setup. 

Verify that \MDAC\sqlredis.exe exists.

Setup may complete, but this client installation may not run properly.


Microsoft Dynamics SL 7.0 Client - InstallShield Wizard

Could not determine the file size for C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\SL\Applications\WRKSTN\WINDOWS\WINSYS\REGISTER\msstdfmt.dll.


Microsoft Dynamics SL 7.0 Client - InstallShield Wizard

This client setup is shutting down without completing succesfully.



A version of Dynamics SL other than 7.0 feature pack 1 (7.0fp1) is being installed on a 64-bit operating system (OS).

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